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Peter Copping Unveiled His Oscar de la Renta Fall 2015 Campaign

“We speak the same language,” noted Peter copping myself and Oscar De La Renta. It is a language of glamour, elegance and romance, but copping is doing be afraid to add his own dialect into the mix a little. We would say that the fall campaign, brand dares debut only here car undone and relaxed in the OED words.

Peter Copping Unveiled His Oscar de la Renta Fall 2015 Campaign
Carolyn Murphy Stuns in Peter Copping’s First Oscar de la Renta Campaign-6

Unveiled on Tuesday, the autumn 2015 model Carolyn Murphy capture in another lies against a corner in a voluminous dress in one fell swoop and posing next to a pink Chair in a sleeveless black dress with slits show. The campaign, photographed by David Sim in New York City, captures the elegance and confidence that define De La Renta Asethetic.

Since it first in October 2014, was announced that Peter Copping Oscar De La Renta would be replaced as the creative leadership of its namesake fashion house, he was under enormous pressure. Not just copping was tasked with maintenance of de la Renta beloved aesthetics, but death had to do this immediately after the Dominican American designer. With debut resort, bridal and ready-to-wear collections under his belt, copping is now, to prove his appointment – in the creative direction and execution, at least.

On Facebook and Instagram, Tuesday morning, the last remaining hurdle of copping revealed the House law of succession: an autumn 2015 ad campaign, be first for the brand. With the support of the all-American beauty (and longtime Oscar De La Renta-Muse) Carolyn Murphy, copping ensures that his clothes and nothing else serves as a focal point for the campaign. Lensed by David Sims, the clean, simple pictures-are more of an exhibition than a full-blown fashion campaign. In an image against a pink background, Murphy’s lanky body is host to a sharp cocktail shift; in another she wears a bypassed satin dress while blue-green against a wall supported. Murphy’s neat beauty look – loose hair and barely there makeup – seems modest.

All in all rings copping the first campaign efforts for the label it with what has been his message all the time, which still (and keeps) de la Renta lasting legacy.

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