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People from Pics Made Say, “Oops! That’s forgotten!”

You know the feeling that something has to be forgotten, but can’t you figure out what it is for your life?

Well, the following people probably felt the same way.

Only then was it obvious what had crossed their minds. These pictures will cause you to slap your forehead for these forgotten people.

Let them warn you that … well, don’t do the same thing.


This molten mess is apparently what happens when you forget you’re making caramel. It turns into a volcano of ash and fire

Floating bodies

This couple chose to take their own jumping picture, but they forgot to change the camera, so it feels like they’re floating or hanging there. It’s a morbid thing, really.

Skeleton in the snow

Either someone in the yard has forgotten their Halloween decorations or a real person has been dead for a long time.

Spoon cake

I mean, that was the fault of the recipe. The recipe did not show whether the batter should be removed from the spoon after mixing.

That sunroof

We were all there. You open the sunroof to enjoy a lovely breeze in January and come back the next morning after a snowstorm and bam! A car full of snow.

Cup o’ noodle

Yes, if you forget to add water to your noodle cup before placing it in the microwave, this is the face you’re creating. That’s the correct answer.

Um, excuse me?

When you go to work, this is what you get, but you forgot to feed the cat.

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Peeing in the toilet

This person went back from a mini vacation and forgot to alter the litter box, so it was like her cat, “No biggie, I’m just going to pee in the toilet!”.

Doggy daycare

This dog’s owner was working in a daycare doggy, so she had to bring this big kid to work with her. One day she was so hungry that she left and forgot him. This is the picture her boss sent her with the caption, “You’ve forgotten something.”

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