Homemade Skin Polish For Skin

citrus and sea salt skinpolish

It can be really a hassle and not to mention the considerable amount of money spent on such rituals to go the salon to get a face polisher every now and then. In the fear of getting a skin rash or something like that most of you may not prefer ...

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7 Tips & Tricks to Get Rid of Split Ends

split ends hair

I am going to share with you’re the tips for repairing and preventing hair split ends in this post so that you may pick a hair care treatment from one of the bests on our list and say “bye-bye” to damaged hair. Though, there is no true way to remove ...

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Tremendous And Exclusive Grapes Lawn Kurta Collection 2014

Recently tremendous and exclusive Grapes Lawn Kurta Collection 2014 for has been launched by summer Grapes Clothing.Bright and blooming colors like brown sea-green, red, purple, pink, frezoeh, yellow, white, orange etc have been used for different types of stylish and trendy summer kurtis. In Grapes Summer Kurtis Collection 2014 sleeveless ...

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Mehndi Or Henna Is Tradition

Mehndi or Henna is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube and is made into designs for young girls and women. Henna has been considered a symbol of good luck; health and sensuality for many centuries. A lot of women have used a paste made primarily of ...

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