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OPI Launches Coca Cola Anniversary 2015 Collection

What is with OPI and Coca-Cola? By God, she paid the license to use the name, be to use the hell out of it!The OPI Coca Cola 2015 collection presents six of the nail polish colors new from last year’s version, with the addition of two new coatings limited nail. The collection celebrates 100 years of the original shape of the Coca-Cola bottle.

OPI Launches Coca Cola Anniversary 2015 Collection
OPI Coca-Cola Anniversary Collection preview

“What divides OPI nail lacquer with classic Coca Cola? Both bottles were shown on the US for its unique and unmistakable form patent brand Expo. OPI occurs in Coca Cola, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the classic Georgia, the Coca-Cola of OPI nail lacquer Suite green Coke bottle with two new colors added.”

I’m not complaining mind you. Some great colors originate from the cooperation, last year had the coke collection OPI and this year the offshoot brand with the oddly shaped bottles, Nicole by OPI, had to put a Coke. The latter collection I bought three of the six Polish and love it. See here, here and here.

Now Cokealicious more news about one series, the 100th anniversary collection.

Keep in mind that it promotes most of these colors again last year, but there are two new ones that look interesting visions of Georgia Green and centennial celebration.

I think these look so fun, I’m a pig, colors – if it silver Gulden/Golden silvers, that’s why. If you are interested in only the two new colors, they will sell OPI as a duo.

Even better is as far as I think it a ten-Polish-mini group, the eight colors plus OPIs nail envy (nail amplifier) and includes a top coat.


Nail Polish collection by OPI Coca-Cola to start online and at switches for OPI international starting with June 2015 anniversary summer 2015.


Visions of Georgia Green – pearlescent light bottle green

Centennial Celebration – shimmering golden tin

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today – light creamy coral

You’re So Vain-illa – creamy nude

A Grape Affair – dark purple

Orange You Fantastic – translucent base featuring red and gold glittery particles

Today I Accomplished Zero – translucent base featuring red glittery particles

My Signature is “DC” – metallic silver

Get Cherried Away – berry

Coca-Cola Red – classic red

In addition, there are more colors nail two mini sets of colors available, wishing much more practical might be the art-addicts, which for all and pay less.

OPI Coca-Cola Duo Set (15 ml)

  • Visions of Georgia Green
  • Centennial Celebration

OPI Coca-Cola Mini Set (3.75)

Visions of Georgia Green

Centennial Celebration

You’re So vain-illa

Coca-Cola Red

My Signature is “DC”

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

A Grape Affair

Green on the Runway – green

OPI Nail Envy – strengthening tonic for nails

OPI Top Coat – top coat

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