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Nuxe Unveils Splendieuse Collection 2015

The famous French natural cosmetics brand is NUXE, start a new collection specializing in the provision of broadcasting and struggles against dark spots. The Splendieuse is a portmanteau word, in which parts of two words, ‘beautiful’ and ‘Radieuse’, are grouped together in a new. The appealing linguistic blend promises a fabulous, light skin and refers to four completely new gloss promotion products. The whole range builds manufactured on a foundation developed from five new patents to block hyper-pigmentation at all levels of Melanogenesis. The products are effective against dark stains of any origin, whether they are age-related, caused by stains, or from environmental stresses such as Sun-induced damage.

Nuxe Unveils Splendieuse Collection 2015
Nuxe launches its latest Splendieuse collection 2015-4

Nuxe Splendieuse is area with high performance molecules of flowers Stargazer lilies, crocus and porcelain rose formulated. The formula blocks melanin production and below shows the share of a certain enzyme, which makes melanin from tyrosine. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C it brightens the skin and increases the broadcast.

NUXE Splendieuse intensive anti dark spot is serum for all skin types suitable and effective against all kinds of dark spots. It gently, hydrated to unify the skin and the skin exfoliates while hyaluronic acid and locks in moisture balance. The refreshing serum has a light texture, immediately absorbed. $53.13

NUXE Splendieuse anti dark spot fluid LSF20 for normal skin formulated. It promises to be the skin moisture, protects them from Sun-induced damage and increases his charisma. The formula sugar moisturizing features derived from wheat and wood. $48, 30

NUXE Splendieuse anti dark spot cream LSF20 is specially developed for dry skin. The cream promises comfort and radiance, recover in the fight against dark spots. The rich formulation has macadamia oil, the powerful nourishing benefits promises, but no oily effect. $48, 30

NUXE Splendieuse anti dark spot perfecting mask comes in six individual bags, each holding a 100% cotton pre-cut fabric mask soaked in 21 ml of product. The mask should be used once or twice a week for a smoother complexion and improved broadcast. $48, 30

Range of NUXE Splendieuse is available at Feeluniqe.com.

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