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Nicholas K Collection Spring/Summer 2016 At New York Fashion Week

Expert drape, sluggish levels, and a color palette that is similar to the sunset took over the skylight in Clarkson square Gallery this morning during the Nicholas K NYFW spring 2016.

Nicholas K Collection Spring/Summer 2016 At New York Fashion Week
Nicholas K SpringSummer 2016 Runway collection

“Terminal velocity” presentation. The pieces feel suitable for a world, not far from the characters running wild in the this year’s film Mad Max. In the light makes the adrenaline reference base jumping sense.

Founded in 2003 by brother and sister duo Christopher and Nicholas Kunz, has New York clothing label Nicholas K a downtown edge/Lady pilot/desert bomber aesthetic. In the spring of 2016-collection of his track with breathtaking glut what they know: Warrior were for the urban.

The presentation sleek and streamlined inspiration not from textures despite the something shy. Tent played dresses alongside “Stratus” and “Antenna” blue denim tops and bottoms. Hooded draped jackets for silky, and surging ponchos together fused and at the same time split up the wind like a delicate Mille-Fueille pastries.

Found my animal embellished the looks of many rope-line acts as a necklace, a belt or a sash. Nicholas K x Huntress created jewelry gold wrist cuffs for Gladiator built. An Umbra distressed leather jumpsuit suitable for a foreign sands exploration (or a strut of Manhattan’s streets), played. Excitement catch one escaped when a storm went grey leather jacket with a high cowl collar after the start and landing strip. Dustings antenna blue and white Nimbus lunar calendar offset an otherwise dark palette of midnight black, grey, “Martian storm” and Sunset Orange.

A beautiful, angry down silk dress in orange sunset and midnight black dyed, dip hem lit start and landing strip. On closer inspection, you will notice that it is a partnership with what just really vest purse badass black leather can be described as. Nicholas K’s innovation is not only a lot drawing exhibition of talent and final vision, but attract also an inspiration for those of us, for our version of the “Warrior” and risk taker in every part of the world.

The expert is a beyond doubt that Nicholas Kunz is to create real chaotic air on the catwalk. A case of point is the new show that with alarming electronic music and the models appear in abundant massive materials with multiple layers and asymmetric hems was wrapped. The dip dyed effects that applying the designer for most of the pieces are integral components of our cabinets for the coming year. Combinations of black with saffron, jeans, or ivory with dip-dye attitude they’re really very effectively against the floor-length dresses and elongated ponchos. Some of the models catwalk venturously and aggressive, etc. also the start and runway of this cross body ropes with rigid snap and hard metal bracelets, which come to more strongly emphasize their powerful characters. The shoes, which has elected Nicholas, to come up with the entire look is flat leather sandals, which are coupled with knitted socks.

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