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NARS Christopher Kane Makeup Collection for Spring Summer 2015

London Fashion Week since 2012 collaborators, Christopher Kane and NARS share a passion for bright colors, reinforced by the unconventional creativity. For the summer 2015 presents NARS The Christopher Kane collection NARS – NEONEUTRAL, a collection in limited edition of unexpected hues and forms inspired by the nature of the neon and shades bare that complement their.

NARS Christopher Kane Makeup Collection for Spring Summer 2015
NARS Christopher Kane 2015 Spring Summer Makeup Collection

The collection, which features Christopher Kane aesthetic unexpected and edgy with philosophy of iconic and bold of the NARS beauty, is the first collaboration of mode of a full range of eyeshadows, blushes, multiple bright and shiny lipstick. The eyes are decorated with iridescent pink gold, purple pink and purple. Cheeks are flushed with soft, beige or hot pink. And the lips are saturated in tones of high-brightness of rose eon and coral that subtly stain after luster is gone.

Single eye shadow ($25.00)

External borders gold iridescent pink (limited edition)

Eye shadow Duo ($35.00)

Parallel universe iridescent purple iridescent Pink Purple/soft (limited edition)

Lipgloss ($26.00)

Mezmer sheer neon pink (Limited Edition)

Misty Neon coral (limited edition)

Pink shell of nucleus (limited edition)

Fuchsia pink glow pure (limited edition)

Blush ($30.00)

Starscape Neon pink (limited edition)

Naked soft beige silencer (limited edition)

Bright Mulptiple ($39.00)

Transparent violet purple iridescent atom (limited edition)

Quantum iridescent pure magenta (Limited Edition) (exclusive to NARS)


15 April 2015 to NARS, may 1, 2015 to all other retailers

Finally, we can take a look in all items found within this highly anticipated collection, pieces which strive to focus on the beauty of your lips, eyes and skin while bringing a touch of bright colours to your complexion. Talking about this single-subject of experience, the famous Scottish designer said: “Nars has been a valuable partner and longtime of ours, so that this collaboration was an obvious choice. NARS has the same aesthetic without complex that is the signature of the mark of Christopher Kane and I am happy to share what we have created together. ยป Below you will find all the details on the makeup NARS Christopher Kane products 2015.

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