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Mulberry & Georgia May Jagger Collaborate For A Biker Collaboration

Our seemingly eternal quest for the perfect leather jacket may be over, and it’s all thanks to Georgia May Jagger.The model and Mulberry Muse has turn to design their hand – much as best friend and colleague Mulberry poster girl Cara Delevingne its partnership with the British Luxury Leather brand were a step further as just posing for them.

Mulberry & Georgia May Jagger Collaborate For A Biker Collaboration
Georgia May Jagger is the Latest ‘It’ Girl for Mulberry Collection-2

Mulberry leather goods at lower price points, works once loyal buyers to put on to introduce, and Jagger’s collection is competitive for the luxury market price: $1.590 for the jacket and $630 for the bag. The pieces are now on sale via the label’s Web site and when you consider that the offspring is a model and rock impressive team has stylish friends (of Daisy Lowe, Suki Waterhouse to Kate Moss), we think that the mulberry marketing strategy revolve around the whatever the collection on the back ‘It’ retraite fashion month.

The jacket has a long line, as well as spacious sleeves (to see layer) body (for your upper body to keep warm). In addition the jackets in Emerald, Sapphire, and magenta come feed, as well as personalization so that customers can choose the color that best suits you, so that they can add their initials or a design on the back. And details, including an asymmetrical zipper, rivets and a thick collar that is on all of your favorite Biker jacket. The “cool London” Biker jacket is the star of the collection, with three different gem-like panels available. Sapphire blue, emerald or Ruby magenta.

“It is good so important to have a leather jacket that fits and is comfortable,” Jagger says. “I wanted to personally a longer line style, which came up to the hips, how it flatters the figure, and the arms need to be cut only on the correct width, so can a jumper under layer and the arms move yet!”

As well as their perfect arm width and flattering length jacket with your initials or even a mulberry illustration be adapted by Fox, bee, or OWL.

Accession “London Cool” is a series of silk scarves and a small leather pouch on a biker chain wrapping around the wrist or Essentials sit over the body on the go with your can zipped safely inside.

“After the first campaign of Mulberry this thinking to me, a jacket that was really exciting,” she revealed. “We languages about lots of different things, but ultimately we have decided that I wanted to do my ultimate Biker jacket.”

The daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall first showed the news on Instagram, proudly a sneak peek of the jacket with her 662,000 followers revelation.

“” So excited, share this: my new collaboration with @Mulberry_Editor, “she labeled a black and white photo of rockende even pieces from the new collection.” Starting September 1! We have made the my dream leather of Biker jacket… Register at to learn more. #MulberryGMJ.”

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