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Mugler Best Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection

For his second collection at Mugler, designer David Koma began to make a stronger connection with his spectators. His change to hardwire the inner workings of computers to sexy and elegant silhouettes gave the outfits an electric charge which is expected to fuel sales.

Mugler Best Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection
Mugler beautiful Fall Winter women 2015 Collection at Paris Fashion Week-14

Mix of matte and shine of materials :

KOMA began with the jig-saw couture that has used a mix of matte and shine of materials to create a tone on the model of your printed circuit board. He then reinforced this idea with strategically placed on its short dresses and fitted with metal eyelets. Alternatively, a sweater woven through with metal bands could have been interpreted as a bar code. And leather dresses enticed with their construction of film that finished leather cables woven through a ring on the shoulder and the size.

Decorative theme :

Today Koma took circuits; the bowels of any device that you use read this now, as his decorative theme. Perhaps the finely built stammered coated gold leather and white silk/wool pieces were a little too, but most of the time, it was a riff that is played gently. His opener chip silk panels and conductor on wool, black on black, hummed softly. One – shoulder dress from wire-weld-Board of Directors green leather strap didn’t scream Tron, although when asked that if the movie had influenced him, Koma has confessed, “a little”.

Color Scheme for this Collection:

The colors used throughout this training games include classic black, a shade of green garbage bag and a touch of rather nice Navy Blue, before bursting in bright white coloring and additions of gold that has given the impression that the goddesses digital nerdy walk among us. Full skirt dresses and top combinations, these intriguing pieces could not be ignored; especially when you throw a white blazer on the whole give him a still more sophisticated perspective. Shortly after this, he recoils in black and white combinations as well in a pantsuit that we fell immediately in love and mini dresses with or without slots in the thigh. The year’s biggest fashion trend is the full-length dress falling to the ankle or cropped a few inches above, with one side slit to the top of the thigh which refines the sexy Word. The Mugler collection certainly captured the sexiest pieces on the track so far this season and to our screens kept us glued, begging for more.

Sinuous evening dresses:

As the show progressed, Koma moved off the dark early and in a bright white. A few mini dresses supercharged, their skirts with a pattern of microchip cut copper leather, seemed as if they were in a remake of the movie Tron, Jessica Stam as a fembot. That it must be the fantasy of many computer programmers.

Sinuous evening dresses, with their ‘ right leg of Angelina slots “complement the show geometrically inclined, their bodice detailed with beading to mimic boards.”.

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