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Moschino Best Resort Collection 2016

Next season for the resort by 2016 certainly has the longest shelf life. Everyone knows that and knows that the pieces are created to sell and sell well. Jeremy Scott of Moschino has taken this to heart and created a line-up, exploited all shameless retail clothes including dresses that look like sales tags, receipts in black turns trimmed dresses, the information store and owner and transactions have this area into the four fashion and we paid all sorts of prints, of which some tribute to raw materials, can not , without life, including the scents.

Moschino Best Resort Collection 2016
Moschino Resort Is a Cheeky Celebration of All Things Commercial-23

If it to generate buzz and sales at Moschino, it’s no secret, that designer Jeremy Scott, so far, on fire. In addition to promoting the Italian brand revenue 7 percent in the past year parent company Aeffe best-selling brand (Moschino from 65 percent of its sales in 2014), Scott was a great supporter of the model “now carry buy now”, makes items from its start and runway available and online shows trade only a few hours after his collections of foot. In addition, he has a crew of influential celebrity fans – including Katy Perry, which appeared just as the face of the autumn campaign of Moschino – which all add up to a winning formula, Aeffe confidence a major licensing agreement with Scott’s eponymous label herself, increase their participation in Scott’s talent to sign.

It a cheeky celebration is all, that latest collection goes to Scott commercial of all things for Moschino. The appearance of open – Scott’s PAL, Victoria’s secret Angel Stella Maxwell models – is a huge “SALE” hang-tag, followed by equally shopping-related pieces. There is a sweater emblazoned with the words “half;” branded riffs on both MasterCard and American Express cards. Handbags, which mimic Moschino shopping bags; Pieces of silk printed with a shoe sale Rack Muster; and a cheerleader-like skirt made of folds that look like sales documents. To make things even more meta, several pieces feature black and white sketches of Scott’s first junk-culture inspired Moschino show so that the wearer a walking advertisement for not one, but two collections out of the House to be.

We are always pleased to Scott on the joke and a bit of fun at the industry into the big bag is willing, but the irony is not lost on us that he up and laugh to the Bank would be likely, such as Moschino continues on expansion course: include imminent plans launch menswear and a new store in Wooster Street in New York.

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