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Models for Free People May Collection 2015

Models and sisters, Dree Hemingway, and Langley Fox Hemingway, embark on a bonding spiritual journey through Costa Rica free people may 2015 campaign. Shot by Bjorn Iooss, is a tropical oasis as the perfect backdrop for the sisterly escape from the brand summer carefree looks range such as spanking, pause on life when tightening.

Models for Free People May Collection 2015
The Hemingway Sisters for Free People-12

Free people is known for its women clothing, accessories, shoes, lingerie, and swimwear. This collection has the clothing and accessories, as well as the shoes, but for a summer collection certainly lacks the swimwear. Then again, we have presented time, another group of these awesome tiny garments, to see before the start of the warm summer months. The brand was founded in 1984 by Dick Hayne and operates in a manner slightly different than most. It is part of that urban originally catering for young people, while there are in their 20s and early 30s instead serve as later renamed Outfitters family, was seen. Also a company blog was started in the year 2006, and this is a feature that the term really is different from other offers daily articles in 8 different categories. These include fashion, music, food, crafts, decoration, inspiration, beauty and known simply as FP me. The last one is very interactive with customers the possibility of creating profiles present to personal style and images of hot fill in posting and free products comply. After said and done, the latest free people may 2015 campaign certainly such an awesome American retailer deserves.

We see dree posing in a beautiful denim chestnut Maxi skirt, giving a healthy pages in Rainbow colors and opening for the rock itself. Sits high on the waist, the outfit is paired with a simple white tank to bring the focus down, neck and a scarf hanging a long Silver Spring necklace from the rolled, round forehead.

The collection embodies the free spirit of the Coast lifestyle with casual dressing, light layers, and effortlessly forms in addition to essential knit dresses and a piece perfect for unforgettable summer excursions. Activewear sees the brand label movement make a cameo in the wellness filled journey through the tropical jungle FP. Accessories focus on Crown ornaments, including head scarves and wide brim Hats, as well as statement jewelry, carry – all bags and cross bodies.

The campaign will start on Monday, may 4, 2015.

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