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Model Loses 150,000 Followers to Share ‘ Brutally Honest ‘ Photos

Curvy Natalya Lozano is a model that had more than 150,000 subscribers before her account was suddenly shut.

The Spanish star was supposed to create a new Instagram account and is currently recovering her followers from scratch. She has already managed to win back 14,000 and promises to continue the fight against censorship and insults in relation to models of large sizes.

Accounts are often closed due to improper content, 

but someone’s profile will also be deleted if other users file complaints.

Natalya thinks that concerted attempts have been made to lodge complaints about her.

The model claims she faces daily criticism because of her size, but she’s not going to give up.

There are hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts out there that are constructed to gain supporters,

Eventually making the owners of those accounts successful, with a lot of cash.

Instagram can be the start of a career, particularly for young and up-and-coming models. But just imagine posting a series of realistic photos to lose the majority of your supporters …

For a plussize model, this was the harsh reality and she was not pleased about it.

Continue scrolling to see why she lost those supporters and what she did to create a great comeback …

The Spanish beauty works as a model, and now influence in social networks.

She will rely heavily on Instagram to get a job and share her photos that will strengthen her name in the modeling industry.

But, last year, after she started posting some more realistic and untouched 

pictures, she lost almost all of these supporters.

But the style of the photos that she displays on her Instagram is no different from the thousands of famous and much more subtle models that use the app daily to flaunt their envious bodies.

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