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MM6 Maison Margiela 2016 Resort Collection

John Galliano had a hand in every aspect of the Maison Margiela, but House modern offshoot, MM6, is still very much “under the supervision of the collective” as a rep formulated. So at this point it’s business as usual for the brand, which has established itself as an easy-to-wear line, which conveniently nods to the conceptual ready-to-wear and Couture Collections.

MM6 Maison Margiela 2016 Resort Collection

The appearance of the MM6 is often focuses on the struggle of ideologies. It was the dramatic compared to everyday life for the resort. Sequins, thigh high boots were paired with a seamed nylons waist utility jacket, which could be easily on the hips, flared while a synthetic Shearling vest with a few machine washable leatherette so easily and loosely held pants, which confused them almost lambskin.

Some pieces could either cover the shoulders two possibilities or hanging down from the body in the same way as a child playing dress-up carried. The belt a dress cream silk tank could, for example, on the shoulders or turnoff is worn, to a sequin slip of the tongue reveal. There was a certain twinkle in his eye-y humor and playfulness, welcome.

The hype, the rising recently around the fashion house, one of the main features of which always was anonymous, he is not to face. The second line, MM6 Maison Margiela, living separate lives, much public attention was not attracted to — and this can only rejoice. Its designers do not prove anything either journalists or argue with those who say an apparent lack of spirit of the times — in this sense, they are of course much more of John Galliano.

Because quietly continue to engage in what they liked — deconstruction of familiar items of clothing, without intention to shock and revulsion, experiments with working clothes and multi-levels. Rude jacket of an impermeable material into their hands in dresses with tight shoulders and gather huge pockets. From under the translucent dresses-shirts on thin spaghetti straps stick out pants, and from above you can see the back and top of the disco-pajetkah. Around the neck instead of scarves knotted sweaters, underwear comes out, treads are worn instead of pants — all, in General, about like always, but such constancy is not boring.

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