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Miu Miu Unveils First-Ever Fragrance 2015

When Miuccia Prada Miu Miu started in 1993, the line was a refreshing change from the monotone minimalism of the 1990s Haute Couture. And so was the young woman, who he represented: stylish, athletic, intelligent, feminine, strong, quirky, playful and serious. Miu Miu has shown that women varied, complicated, sometimes even contradictory – and that not a single item or accessory (unless glitter pumps, a schoolgirl blouse or retro sunglasses) could define us.

Miu Miu Unveils First-Ever Fragrance 2015
Miu Miu The First Fragrance collection 2015

Fast forward to 2015 and Miu Miu repeats history with his first fragrance. In a time when many designers and celebrity fragrances safely toward the sweet, sexy and sugary Veer, this one clearly stands out as a bright floral. “We wanted to open the doors and open the window with this fragrance,” says perfumer Daniela Andrier. “We wanted not an another Gourmand; “We wanted to do something different, pleasant and unexpected.”

And the company wanted to either see something that would not like all other fragrances on the shelves. “” The fragrance market can be very conventionally: Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls, “says Caroline Javoy, Vice President of global marketing for Miu Miu fragrances.” We wanted to make the anti-Rosa’s.” The ridges in the blue base point Miu Miu classic Matelass√© design to see often in their handbags. And Red Topper (what is flat like a piece of cherry candy) was inspired by the vintage of caps, the women applying perfume on her neck.

So this is what exactly this hard-to-define, unexpected, barrier current scent smell? Now, on the first breath, it’s just up Lily of the Valley – as if you’re sitting in your room for a few hours a bouquet of them had. “There are many floral prints in the mark and Lily Miu Miu is very recognizable.” It says bloom and joyful, “Andrier.

But it was not as simple as below, Lily of the valley off the shelf pull a vial. “It arises from the mixture of jasmine with rose. And it does not forgive, no false steps, “says Andrians. “Animal notes can launch surface by jasmine, and you must have all of these issues you face. But [if it right], it is wonderful. It makes you smile, when you smell it.”

This explains why it took more than 1,200 (Yes, 1,200) tried this scent just right to make. As soon as the lily of the Valley, was set in the true fashion of Miu Miu, it was time to turn on its head. “You have something that is charming and attractive,” says Andrians, “you can remain not only in this way. It had to be “it is not only charming; how, It has the fascination. She is not only pretty; “She has something more interesting.'” She found those deeper qualities in something unusual: Akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. “It’s not ugly, but it’s rough. “It it an unexpected strangeness that contrasts with the beautiful Floralcy”, explains Andrier.

To get Akigalawood, they take patchouli and add enzymes to turn it into something else. The result is a spicy, peppery, Andrians says lively scent, rather than an earthy,.

It represent the whole brand history? Not really, but that’s okay. “It is impossible to capture 22 years of history. You have to begin modestly. It can but not all imagine some qualities, of them. I think that the simple way is the best way to do it right, “says Andrians.

The campaign offers French English actress Stacy Martin emerging (keep in mind, that name – will you hear it much) and a black and white cat named Truman. “It’s so cute, but we have no cat [use] because cats are cute,” Javoy said. The cat motifs “If you love Miu Miu and dig into the archives, hold back come.” There baby cats on shoes and amazing jackets.”

And at the party celebrates perfume in Paris, where also the resort collection Miu Miu showed opposition remained the theme. The mark set a disco 80s within a political structure. Kate Moss, in a pink and black leather tank dress, a cigarette withdrew during Dianna Agron, in black and silver sheer cocktail dress, smiled coyly and worked the room. Red glass mirror in cream fuzzy carpet cut. Men in corsets and pull nearby Coty executives in full suits danced. Amber heard, giggled and crossed hands with a friend as she up ran the stairs on the dance floor – while amber Valletta is cuddled with her boyfriend on the balcony. Fashion veteran Naomi Campbell welcomes old friends while Kiernan Shipka studied venue, with eyes wide open. The clothes were a mix of prints, glossy leather, furs and ornaments. And it worked.

If any of that happen can, it’s Miuccia Prada.

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