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Marques'Almeida and Jacquemus Win LVMH Prizes

The LVMH Prize for young fashion designers is a life-changer, but beyond the glare of the prize money, was the year’s big takeaway: in fashion as in life, it pays to be persistent.Marques’Almeida, such as missed the short list came back last year but and the year’s main prize scooped €300,000 Jacquemus, a short lister returned last year take a special €150,000 prize by the jury to go home this year. Both winners will receive a year of mentoring by LVMH in addition to the cash prize.

Marques'Almeida and Jacquemus Win LVMH Prizes
winners of lvmh award 2015

“It is always difficult to make a decision – all candidates were very good,” commented Delphine Arnault, executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton, in an interview after the ceremony. “Marques’Almeida has super creative as well as with jeans and fashion lovers have noticed that.” It is an interesting time for their home. You have a huge potential, so that the prize money will really help them. The same applies to Jacquemus. Will offer them this support is really important for us – they are like a family. And the fact that all three of them proves again this year that they understand that in fashion, you give up should not. ”

For the winners they need a moment about the shock-get. “We are just one type, fall leave”, said Marta Marques, as they and Paulo Almeida faced a forest of cameras and microphones. Almeida, corrected “really, we do not try to think too much about it.” The London duo said they planned to consume profits staff – your team is one of five in all currently – and sharpen its vision of “Luxury made raw, undo.”

“Marques’Almeida was very inspiring for me for a variety of reasons,” offered, Member of the jury and Louis Vuitton creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière. “For one thing, they work somehow a cultural mix that reminds London in the 90s without this nostalgic.” I admire the way how, who run their business with local production in Portugal. And it also showed that they know how to hang in there-that’s what fashion is. “Added by another jury member Humberto Leon,” opening ceremony was one of the first distributors for Marques’Almeida, and we grow only have observed. “” [Carol Lim] are not their parents, but we feel like parents – we are so excited to see where they go now. ”

Simon Porte Jacquemus, the designer behind his eponymous line Meanwhile squeezing a single desire: “the only thing I want now is refine, which is my wife”, he commented. “This is my greatest passion. People tend to think that sometimes as a project of fashion, but that is my life for me. “I look forward to care, because I know thats what I need.”

As the event wound down jury member and fashion consultant Julie Gilhart noted, “ask all the designers who made it, and they will admit that success in fashion is 30 per cent luck and fate of 30 percent. That’s what today is about.” So what about the other 40 per cent covered with luck and fate,? “The rest is karma,” she replied. “It is about what you do with it.”

Marques'Almeida and Jacquemus Win LVMH Prizes
winners of lvmh award 2015-1

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