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Mansur Gavriel Decides to Launch Shoes and Clothing

The CFDA awards were a big night for Mansur Gavriel designer and founder Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel on Monday. They not only won the Swarovski Award for design – a distinction which you rendered close to speechless at the moment – but she debuted also Mansur Gavriel designed clothes and accessories. To the event, Mansur and Gavriel sported coordination drilled dresses in persimmon and coral, respectively, and each wore a Suede clutch with matching shoes – they designed.

Mansur Gavriel Decides to Launch Shoes and Clothing
Mansur Gavriel Has Plans to Launch Clothing and Shoes

“We have a very specific Visual world in the eye for the brand, so we were excited for the opportunity, our own create looks for the evening. We made the clothes in Italy, as well as our shoes and clutches, “the few wrote via E-mail. “We the development have clutches, among other things” she noticed is confirmed, that they “have plans, but not in the near future” start clothes, and plan to start other forms of packaging and shoes. Comment the duo further on all features, even though they realize their suede accessories in peaches and eggplant at the CFDAs “suede upper is elegant and rich, and we feel, it is a natural supplement what we currently offer.”

Had some time to think about her win, she expressed thanks to the CFDA for their first nomination and win. “We’re really get touched this positive confirmation.” The brand is still so young, and it has grown so quickly. “It’s very satisfying to get a vote of confidence from such an established and respected community.” As how it will change MG ahead, the couple keep open: “We would like to this opportunity, to know better and continue our brand continues to develop the community.” We think shoes and clothes is a pretty good place to start.

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