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Mango’s Latest Collection 2015 for fall

Mango autumn 2015 collection dates back to ancient times – the good old days of sex, drugs and rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Well, maybe without the second. The collection was completely inspired by the 1970s. The opening and closing of the show was made by the Brazilian sum model Ana Beatriz Baroos. Coco Chanel idea of perfect simplicity combined with real rock and roll gave us a risky and yet portable line worth of celebration. For the casual people or a good start for a perfect wardrobe – select a perfect line!

Mango’s Latest Collection 2015 for fall
Mango Fall 2015 Collection for women-1

The first appearance of the collection is a white chiffon Maxi dress. With a bill of thoughtfulness in her deep eyes, Baroos dress and subtly wears the Bohemian fur coat. Apparently, mango decided to give us a big advantage with the most chic look of the line. But let not be fooled, the other pieces are no less elegant and noble. It’s just that the entire collection with the subtle elegance of simplicity is filled. A few shorts, worn of which is, with a few knee high boots, are an opportunity that expose beauty your legs gently yet noble during your stay.

The majority of the looks are with a don’t care style tie, complete, as if heedless permitted on the model of neck. The extravagant hats, knee high boots, as well as the male boots and leather, or baggy jackets bring the spirit of the rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Plus the intentionally bad makeup and hairstyles, the absence of any outstanding accessories and jewelry are another possibility; focus the attention of the audience on the elegance of simplicity.

Mango’s Latest Collection 2015 for fall
Mango Fall 2015 Collection for women

Intentionally rough boots mix top with clear female blend knee high boots and the flowery prints well with casual colors such as grey or create a collection the real creamy accident. There are also a lot of white, black and light brown. But surprisingly, the eternal theme of black and white was not touched. If mango wanted to do something special, congratulations, because they succeed! This collection takes a new vision of the black and white theme and it tried to discuss and explain separately–something done only rarely before.

Mango’s Latest Collection 2015 for fall
Mango Fall 2015 Collection

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