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Mango Pre Fall 2016 Collection

This year about the fashion of the seventies, the styles, is that we were very impressed and we have fall in love in the world of fashion. We love the leather and suede leather, jeans and flared trousers. We developed spring and summer full of 1970s come and love every second of it. It seems that followed in the autumn and winter.

Mango Pre Fall 2016 Collection
Mango 70s Inspired Festival Lookbook-10

This means, of course, that the pre-fall 2015-collection are also very focused on the time period in which enforced the peace sign and flower motifs. All brands of fashion, the major and minor versions fell memories in this trend and valuable points line up the sensory experiences, tantalizing nostalgia and fun at the time developed. While it still does not, it seems that most brands moved in the next season, cruise some even their collections in 2016 the release by now.

Mango is one of the more moderate names that emerged recently with his status fall line-up definitely feels the seventies like no other and brings in the field, Jean skirts, lace and take you a minimalist looks trendy with full force! And how to not fall in love with the Spanish chain and affordable price. While most of the big names for people like us are inaccessible, mango is always the best friend of the woman with the best trends of the season without the exorbitant price, would be to pay the mortgage on the House. A sneak peek at Mango of 70s inspiration: pre-fall line

A stack of denim skirts, for one! While we love completely flowing summer dresses A-line of spring and summer collection is denim-rock, which really the eye, especially with the comfort of the buttons on the center top or dress starts, falls a vagina usually in the middle of the thigh or less. You have a sex appeal, the other not skirts, gives the user a sense of more innocent youth. The new collection includes also a jeans dress in the same trend and we look forward to the hands get! A sneak peek at Mango of 70s inspiration: pre-fall line

A number stack continues to fall. Dresses with fringed suede leather Cowgirl, seems the combinations in raised white with modern Western denim not all show the representation in this mango, the disks themselves are a mainstay of fashion this fall. As in between, this includes dresses or skirts, accessories or anything a trend be not continuing too far.

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