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Makeup Tutorial 1980s Inspired

If you have lived for years about the 80s or seen pictures that ten years are you’re probably familiar with the favorite look of the time, and especially with the 80s makeup. Fat and bold colors were elements of an era so different especially as all before that press others to itself and experimenting with fashion, hair & makeup.

The 1980s produced a different and powerful look. What we look at now as a fun, exciting and grease makeup an exaggerated look which is manifested on the Foundation of the economic crisis, was in fact that the Western world particularly hard hit was.

Makeup Tutorial 1980s Inspired
80’s makeup tutorial for women-4

The world of finance and the stock market were glorified in a way they had not been since the 1920s. In addition to the mass media contributed to the image of accepted lifestyle in the 1980s, as a growing number of women’s magazines, soap operas and movies, the strict standards of beauty dictated. 80s makeup used FAT and bold colors for a powerful look to achieve. What distinguishes it from other styles, is the fact that it focuses on makeup experiments and you your personality can be expressed. Makeup artists receive modern the cool nature of this decade and now you can inspire you and try our advice, to this awesome vintage look.

Have fun and try the 80’s makeup, a lively time full of excitement. You want an eccentric look, newly created and customized this decade to

Consider the following tips:


Heavy Foundation and blush are 1980s style, but they are characterized by makeup out of fashion these days. This means however, that wear an alternate version of the makeup can’t not, what corresponds to the latest trends. Choose a light medium coverage Foundation or a cream, which similar to can as the makeup base that you wear, and if you would like to use some transparent powder. A pink or coral blush angular way after the 80s makeup cream and bring a little color into the apples of your cheeks. Brush gently in the direction of temple.


80s makeup focuses on the dramatic eyes. There are two types of eye makeup can: either light Rainbow colors or dark, strong colours such as the smoky eyes-style. To make even more dramatic, you use the black eye-liner. Opt for contrasting colors, chromatic clashes and saturated colors. You use the black eyeliner and electric blue, purple, green, Fuchsia and Orange eye shadow. To stop mascara – the application can even blue-green colors, pink, purple or blue.


Another characteristic element of the 80’s makeup is applied the strong Rouge for cheeks, without mixing the edges. Use bright pink, coral, red and bronze.


Bright warm lipstick lips try colors such as light pink, red and orange tones. It is better to be very shiny.


80’s makeup was highlighted by the natural eyebrows. Stow your eyebrows just as little as possible and do not use a different product for them.

Beauty brands

Madonna who was of the moles as beauty marks does not fear, a black spot on your face with a black made popular, so to put lines and to mitigate with a Brown shade. Have moles already even better!

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