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MAC Vamplify Best Makeup Collection for Fall 2015

Vampires are still in fashion, I know most of you have vamp fashion fans (and perhaps even years) for months, but this time it’s a special occasion, which recharges this fashion trend and your wallet empty. One of our most popular brands of cosmetics, MAC has introduced its new make-up collection called Vamplify. Is it also necessary to explain the names? I don’t think so. We all know what’s going on back get twilight are. Can be from our most dramatic lip gloss yet. Loaded with high-power pigments, to embrace the lips in shades that sparkle with a delicious shine, invites a blow Vamplify lips with attitude as a combination of lush natural oils Polish with impeccable, moisturizing color. MAC Vamplify for autumn 2015 is lip gloss with a high shine and a wonderful moisturizing formula with natural oils pigmented created a new variety of dramatic, high power. According to the MAC, the makeup is resistive and it takes hours in society not perfect to wear the colors. If that’s true, then could that quality will bring more revenue than the vampires marketing. Never wears a tease that comfortably for hours on strong and not let go of brilliant color for a look that comes.

MAC Vamplify Best Makeup Collection for Fall 2015
MAC vamplify new makeup for fall 2015-4

Vamplify ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

A for Attitude Hot pink

Anything But Demure Mauvey nude

Everybody’s Talking Intense coral

Flash Drive Intense coral-red

How Chic is This? Violet purple

Hyper-Fabulous Mauvey brown

Little Miss Mischief Bright warm pink

Modern Drama Dark plum

Peer Pressure Intense red-burgundy

Push Some Buttons Intense orange-red

She-Rebel Dark blue-purple

Spanking Haute Pinky nude

Speed Up Bubblegum pink

Suggestive Intense blue-red

Tease Don’t Touch Intense true red

Tuned In Mid-tone rosy nude

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Cultured Mid-tone nude

Dark Out Rosy pink

Double-Time Pinky brown

Good Timing Brick red

He Said, She Said Brown mauve

In Control Light pink

Ms. Diva Intense reddish burgundy

Nothing Sexier Pale nude

Oh Honey! Warm nude

Posy Perfect Plum

Rebellious Burgundy-plum

Voltage Coral-salmon

The MAC Vamplify autumn 2015 makeup collection is still but seems not available to the public, the audience really reacted. Some MAC fans are planning already their next salary. The collection is online live on 26 August goes. Unfortunately, this version only for users in North America will be available. Selling the collection starts the local businesses in North America starting on January 3. Then, the products on an international level for each individual fashion lover will be out there.

If you can’t wait, I hope you have friends in the United States or Canada, give you a favor and is your shadow ship, before there live in Europe (or another continent). There is always a possibility for a real fashion Agency, you need only to find it before it’s to mainstream.

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