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MAC the Matte Lipstick Collection 2015 for Summer

The matte lipsticks in the new collection by MAC the mat lips but many are new, Daaaaaang! -Some of the shades sure do look like, about the dark whirlpool 1994.Like from my time machine jumped Brown antique velvet? I’m pretty sure that I was wearing something like it…, every Friday night House Party I ever wanted.

MAC the Matte Lipstick Collection 2015 for Summer
summer 2015 mac the matte lip collection

And just in case, that you… Yes wondering I was this person at the party, was uncomfortable in the corner and nursing the same bottle Zima throughout the evening.

About the $16-lips lipsticks in the new collection of the 22-Member MAC of the mat are Matt (Obvs), about half of them with Macs matte finish, and the other half their retro satin finish, but they are not all new. A handful of them are currently in the permanent line and be promoted again with the start (as Ruby Woo, all fired up, flat, fabulous, including out Teddy, kinda sexy, please me, heroine and Pink Pigeon).

But most of the 22 shades are new, this is very exciting! In addition, it is not technically traditional limited edition; all colors are a MAC collection in the sense either in the permanent line now or will be added to.

Possibly some well-known names among the stack of new colors, though, appear as spinal and stone. Both are currently in MAC lip pencil stroke, so if you a fan of either one, voila! Colors are now included appropriate mat lipstick.

Release date: May 28, 2015 (online) / June 11th, 2015 (stores)

Availability: MAC Stores & Online, Nordstrom

MAC is releasing 22 lipsticks in Matte and Retro Matte finishes for Summer 2015. Half of these shades are new and the other half are already-existing shades.

Lipsticks ($16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN) (Permanent)

Ruby Woo: Very matte vivid blue red (Retro Matte)

All Fired Up: Bright fuchsia matte (Retro Matte)

Flat Out Fabulous: Bright plum matte (Retro Matte)

Dangerous: Orangey red matte (Retro Matte)

Runway Hit: Light nude matte (Retro Matte)

Steady Going: Light pink matte (Retro Matte)

Matte Royal: Deep blue (Matte) (New)

Instigator: Deep blackened plum (Matte)

Antique Velvet: Intense brown (Matte) (New)

Stone: Muted grayish taupe brown (Matte) (New)

Studded Kiss: Dark oxblood red (Matte)

Persistence: Peachy cinnamon (Matte) (New)

Velvet Teddy: Deep-tone beige (Matte)

Whirl: Dirty rose (Matte) (New)

Naturally Transforme d: Muted golden beige (Matte) (New)

Kind of Sexy: Neutral pinky rose (Matte)

Please Me: Muted rose tinted pink (Matte)

Tropic Tonic: Full power coral (Matte) (New)

Heroine: Bright purple (Matte)

Men Love Mystery: Lavender violet (Matte) (New)

D for Danger: Brick red (Matte) (New)

Pink Pigeon: Bright cleanest pink (Matte)

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