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MAC Cosmetics Teams up with Caitlyn Jenner for New Lipstick

Jenner/Kardashian clan has caused quite a stir in the fashion and beauty industries, and it is now time for the likes of Kendall and Kylie to away from the spotlight for a while make room for Caitlyn. The idea of a face of transgender for a brand is still unfavorable to some, but it is undoubtedly a huge movement in the industry and Caitlyn has always been at the head of the subjects controversial like that lately, so this is not new for her. MAC Cosmetics operated Caitlyn Jenner for ‘Finally free’, a lipstick in limited edition. This is something exciting on its own, but the most striking aspect of the lip color, is that 100% of the price will be given to an initiative of transgender.

MAC Cosmetics Teams up with Caitlyn Jenner for New Lipstick
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Kylie is more generally considered sister when the thought of the initiatives of the beauty, with its line of lip products, considering Caitlyn connecting to the industry of beauty but also her recognizable face to transgender freedom, collaboration was easy to understand. For now, the collaboration can be found as #MACCaitlynJenner. This research on social media may not produce the best results, because there was a bit of negative response and vulgar towards Caitlyn and Mac it is an unfortunate result, but tragically whereas the partnership and is a single duration of effect could solve possible. But despite all these controversial, topics extra-large social unrest, there is still a beautiful new color for the lips to have.

Finally free is a nude pink hue and can be found for $17 starting April 7. The entire price of the sale is donated to AIDS Fund transgender Initiative of MAC, and assured that your purchase will go to a good cause. It’s a question that depends on spreading the word; lipstick seems to be the ideal way to pass the importance. They say that the medium is the message, and lips do a lot of talking

Even regardless of the important message being provided by purchasing something from this line, there is no doubt that shade of lipstick will not last very long on the shelves. With this huge following that the Jenner family has, as well as the following single Caitlyn, it will be lot of hype of social media on the output of the product next month. Kits of lip of Kylie exhausted in a minimum of time, and I would say that this would be a base just to say that it will be no different with Caitlyn face on the product.

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