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Lower your Own Hair by yourself

You cut your own hair at home, you save a lot of money, and it gives you more control over exactly how long or short your hair should be. Although an appointment get incorrect salons with a professional hair stylist usually the best choice for beautiful locks, always there. (I’m sure we all had a terrible experience with hair one point or another have, and then thought, “Oh God, I even my hair better than this cut could!”.) With a few tips and our practical guide, how to cut your own hair you can cut your own hair safely and comfortably, with very good results.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
cut your own hair

1. Do your research

Before you even think about your own hair cut, it is a good idea to do as much research as possible. Reading this article, is the first step! We recommend watching YouTube videos, to see the different methods in action, detailed article in the trim of your own locks and questions to read your hairdresser for tips. If you are confident, and they decided to try it out, it’s time, finished.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
tips to lower your own hair

2. Get advice from Friends

It is easy to over your own hair cut and then try to do immediately upset it, but first it is best, in with your friends. Ask for their advice, and maybe ask you, to be there, if you try it for the first time. You may enter their opinions and to help if necessary. You can even have their own hair before cutting and have great tips for you! Arrange a time and place, to cut the hair, you can everything finished in time.

3. Get the right tools

Whatever you do, never cut your hair with a normal couple utility scissors or the kitchen scissors. You will need a very sharp cut if possible some professional hair scissors or sharp fabric scissors. The sharper is better than dull scissors, breakage and split end up causing damage to your hair. You will also need a long fine – comb, to keep your hair smooth and tangle free.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
Get the correct tools to cut Your Personal Hair

4.  Prepare your hair for cutting

Although the most salons cut hair when it is wet, it is advisable to cut your own hair when it is dry and completely straight. Wet hair stretches so that you originally to have significantly shorter than the length is dry, cut when wet. To avoid mistaking how much will it look shorter it, cut it after drying. Starting with a thoroughly wash, with two rounds of shampoo and then a rich conditioner. Whenever possible, rinse and blot dry any excess water with a towel, blow your hair straight or blow drying and then flatten it with an iron. Comb it through very carefully, to ensure that there is absolutely no knots or tangles.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
pre your hair for cutting

5. Practice, one inch at a time

The key to cutting your own hair is successful, to take your time and start trimming by only an inch or a half-inch at a time. If you have thin hair, will not likely need you it from much – maybe only two sections – section before to cut it. With thick hair it is advisable that many sections to create, so that you can easily cut through the hair. PIN unused sections of the hair up or back focus with hair clips for you in one section at a time. It is very promising if you snip the first little hair, but as soon as you feel more comfortable with cutting it feel natural your locks.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
Practice, one inch at a time

6. Cut sections straight across

First stretches a thin section of hair to comb it carefully, and then she held tightly between two fingers at the pull down – something like a hair straightener! The image above to see – she’s gentle pull and the section of hair pressed while she cut it. She will not be cut off so much hair hard, so take only about an inch or a half an inch, cut across about. Don’t worry, if it looks too dull, as you are the tips in the next step will be softening.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
Cut sections straight across for cutting Your Personal Hair

7. Cut straight up to even out ends

You’ll notice that cut across first are you sharp, blunt end. Remedy with the second cutting technique by snipping upwards. Try to completely straight (vertical) hold your scissors and make tiny incisions for the straight hair. This is softer edges, and make the hair look much natural and less choppy. What do think that to do this to each section of the hair cut. Might want to let your hair blunter if you have fine hair, as it makes your hair look thicker and fuller.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
Cut straight up to even out ends for cutting Your Personal Hair

8. Go slowly, combing hair frequently

Her first attempt can take a long time! Comb each section of hair before cutting to tightly hold section, while you do this. Carefully review each section after cutting, and tap it when it is a bit shaky. In this way you will face no problems, before they mess up your whole appearance. And remember: you can cut a little more hair, out, but hair cannot be replaced, so be careful, if your locks to hack. It is important to a mirror so you can check your progress every few minutes.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
gradually comb your hair

9. check

I hope everything is to plan to run, and you feel confident and happy about what you’ve done. Fluff your hair off and remove excess hair, paint it well and take a good look in the mirror. Use a large mirror with good lighting and a small hand mirror on the back to see. If you notice that all problem areas, just go back and correct. Your share probably not 100% perfect or perfectly symmetrical, but it looks fabulous, regardless of how exactly the lines match.

Lower your Own Hair by yourself
check your hair after cutting

We recommend trimming about half an inch your hair every month, and after he designed professionally once a year (unless of course, you mix your styles himself several times in the year enjoy). Soon, will not even twice, give your curls a quick trim in the bath on the weekend!

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