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Lovers + Friends Debut Swimwear Collection 2015 for Summer

Swimsuit season is almost about to come, and although it may take yet a little too cold for a swim in the sea, we can certainly begin to order us to physically and mentally ready for the moment the world be right and the summer heat will be demanding liquid relief glowing on our skin. That is, if the holidays begin, the swimsuits will be drawn and models such as Emma Stern Nielson will thank plenty for bringing such beautiful body adornment on the periphery of our knowledge about the first swimwear collection by lovers + friends. The debut-swimwear line of the brand offers a slew of sexy, positively seductive and incredibly pumps iron and flair for these crunches designed items off the shelf that have us daily done. Lovers + friends swimwear 2015 Lookbook in Hawaii was photographed by Chris Shintani, images of the Danish model Emma Stern Nielson show in beautiful, fat cut and colored printed bikinis. She has appeared collection lately in some campaigns for the triumph fall 2014.

Lovers + Friends Debut Swimwear Collection 2015 for Summer
Emma Stern Nielsen poses for Lovers + Friends’ Debut Swim Line

Lovers + friends brand itself is a big fan of vibrant colors and bold patterns, Luxe fabrics and the aura of fun in the Sun and surf, enjoy your day regardless of the weather outside, the parties and dance and discovering new worlds. This new and latest summer 2015 Swiwmear collection in a price range between $80 and $150 now on the turn-clothing. It is quite affordable, given the quality of the garments themselves.

Sexy swimwear makes us also, incredibly happy. There are only more confidence, that depends on the way, looks like your body in a piece of cloth for swimming, and Tan purposes is meant. Can not recommend we laced version this ensemble by this embarrassing Tan lines, but we love how it brings attention to the chest and abdomen, that power look, there is a medieval atmosphere, while that inspire triangle bra and bikini bottoms such love for the summer months.

There are pieces, rather to mermaids, but remember if we a mermaids in crochet swimwear seen have, we don’t know. Maybe it’s the FishNet halter top or even the color which reminds so much of the Little Mermaid, but no matter what it is, we like expensive mermaids in this two-piece bathing suits from lovers + friends would feel.

It hardly covers deep necklines, and one variety of beautiful floral motifs open the one piece suits to see so very delicious, our cabinets, desire, the appearance and our body itching sexiest piece suits Don. With an open back, we actually make a halter top and a high cut at the top of the thighs have to such pieces spill off our chest. You should not for tanning per se, but when it comes to a refreshing dip in a hidden waterfall secluded pool, not a more suitable piece of clothing for us, where present.

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