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Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2016

In case you haven’t heard, Southern California is something somehow. (Let’s enlighten the New York Times.) The world of fashion, long loyal to tony capitals such as New York and Paris, begins to embrace the West Coast. Witness Tom Ford A-list tastic fall 15 show in Los Angeles and yesterday’s Louis Vuitton cruise Collection, shown in Palm Springs, the desert resort by the middle of the century beloved can.

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2016
Louis Vuitton Wants To Dress You-14

One of those flashy guys was Bob hope, who this John Lautner developed years bought in the 70s. It was the actual spaceship that Nicolas Ghesquière of his collection, looks full, presented the flowy and hard elements next to each other on the grounds. Fluid skirts topped with a cross and across bands, only a tiny triangle of the stomach made opened the show.

Ghesquière artist Urs Fischer as the inspiration behind his use of chain stated motives. But shown in addition to sees huge zip pulls and leather straps, that effect is rather dress up in the purse hardware.

Several dresses and tops featured glossy, embossed materials like exotic skins – again, what the effect very fancy purse to carry.

We have avalanche last resort partially thank for the this year’s abundance of chestnut mini skirt and influence remain here the 1970s. Hot pants next summer mass could be trend? Rules of public decency probably not say – but we could easily see that flowy, pumpkin jumpsuit in our closet (and The Sonny & Cher comedy hour).

Other equipment with soft Maxi-dresses ornaments similar to chainmail or rubber-covered leather shoulders looked downright medieval. And we call it now: the white dress be zig-zag seam next year big spring knockoff trend (we wouldn’t say no the lug-sole boots either). Cool details that emerged only in close-up: models sported leather rings with the LV logo.

While some really our attracted attention these dresses that, we want to change these shoes how they put a little too much athletic in the elegant look. This cross and cross belt also created cut fell outs on the sides of the outfits before the pants on the ground. Bomber jackets and flip displays also flops, while the tendency of matching handbag in the garments is very much alive. The colors appear on the white and the black, to focus, while blues and green certainly her performances. We have to admit that although many of the garments look very similar, have we in the leather at the waist with exaggerated the thin black belt in love, crushed and bound views of the shoulder and the takeover of the rock pretty leaf-like embroidery. Add to that the vagina-snake dress, and you beautiful Louis Vuitton resort 2016 have some of the best pieces in the.

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