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L'Oreal's Model Irina Shayk Dresses to Impress

Russian model Irina Shayk has as the newest member of the family of the L ‘ Oréal Paris join a stellar line-up of models and actresses like Karlie Kloss, Blake lively, Lara Stone, Natasha poly snapped up.It’s value! L’Oreal announced Paris Irina Shayk as the newest member of the family L ‘ Orealista on Oct. 28. Account according to the Russian model takeover of the brand Instagram, she’s off to a nice start!

L'Oreal's Model Irina Shayk Dresses to Impress
Irina Shayk Appointed L’Oréal Paris Spokesperson 2015

“It is to be an honor, a L ‘ Oréal Paris Ambassador are among such powerful, intelligent, diligent and extraordinary group of different women”, Shayk said. “My personal memories of the brand date back to the time when I was a teenager. L ‘ Oréal makeup felt like a real luxury for me, and I remember dreaming of buying einen L’ Oréal lipstick…”

Shayk was born Russia’s Bareev and got discovered her first taste of modeling as a local Scout her at a school beauty, visited her sister Tatiana. She was then sent to Paris at 19: 00.

“I had been never anywhere like that. It was a hard time – I don’t speak the language, I don’t have money, I had no experience and had to learn really fast “she explained.” For me it means value becomes independent and carve your own path. The L ‘ Oréal-wife is worthwhile because she wants to be.”

Now Shayk is with one of the most sought after beauty jobs in the industry, by leaps and bounds since its beginnings as a teenager in Russia has come.

“When I was a teenager experimenting I deal with hair color and the result was just awful,” she acknowledged. “Now I start getting my day with cleaning and my skin moisturizing. Sometimes I use ice cubes, wake up to my skin – my mother always does, and she has such beautiful skin. When I work, shooter I always my skin with a primer before applying a makeup. I love the L’Oreal Paris BB cream because I apply not to additional Foundation; “It is easy a little goes a long way.”

L'Oreal's Model Irina Shayk Dresses to Impress
Irina Shayk Appointed L’Oréal Paris Spokesperson 2015-1

And as every good spokesmodel Shayk is fast, the benefits of a good beauty regime to praise – your favorite hair products (range of Elvive extraordinary oil) on their ultimate L ‘ Oréal skin care choose (the skin perfection serum).

“Beauty definitely trust and are a big part of my life…” “I love that make-up helps me my femininity quickly”, she said, quoted by Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Taylor as role models. “But overall, my main role model is my grandmother. Their lives just… She lost almost all of her family at the beginning of the Second World War. After the war, things were not easy for them: she worked hard, lost her husband and son… But she was always caring for other people, remained strong and was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.” (

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