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Levi’s and Pendleton Collaborate For Denim Collection 2015

All out there with a dream just all leave this behind and position from the West, it of time easily on your car, start the engine and put your blazing torches: a special collaboration of the two makes the most heritage-y brands are your West wind fantasies true be – also when likely to only you as far as the Western side of the Central Park bubbles.

The cooperation offers a rich indigo range from the classic Levi’s trucker jacket and work shirt, both with lined Pendletons classic Native American tissue. If that’s not enough, there’s even a signature Pendleton blanket lined Levi jeans.

Levi’s and Pendleton Collaborate For Denim Collection 2015
collaboration of Levi’s and Pendleton for classic denim jackets_795x600

Pendleton and Levi, which original high-low Workwear classic has teamed (each) now together, yet endearing to your new favorite jeans jacket: Pendleton patterned wool insulated jackets are sleek, unobtrusive modern and irresistibly attractive, the kind of jacket himself, Clark Gable you in the misfits, imagined, perfectly tailored to his silver screen prewoschodnejschaja, only to to strip it to shroud on the set sporting co-star Marilyns shoulders at the above place dust stirred up. It’s the kind of jacket that either of them would – look perfect GQ down on him, her adorably oversized – so classic, who wears it wears it well.

But if the a bit is completely out on the-range mood out there good for you, there’s a similar incarnation in the form of shirt, the the cowboy angle and amplifier on the cab porn Playboy play. And of course, depending on how you go, you need a blanket — this one on both sides alternately in denim and wool for meet at the fire, whether the ROAR in the open prairie is safe in the oven or a single volunteer flame from a Candlewick swaying as you your new trophy artfully over your three Sling Kaare Klint. (And at the very least, the protective side of jeans makes it ideal for your next picnic.) Go West this fall, young readers, and enjoy the ride in style.

Levi’s and Pendleton Collaborate For Denim Collection 2015
collaboration of Levi’s and Pendleton for classic denim jackets-1_645x385

Modern and trendy, these jackets are traditionally core and wild spirit and confirm, for the second time, the success of such a really American cooperation, which has its roots in the culture of the native Americans (the first Pendleton cover were actually originally made for men and women of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla tribes). If two symbols together, in fact, are certainly to be expected Fireworks. Can be translated in this case such fireworks in the perfect combination of two different, but somehow similar attitudes that we help, but hope not to keep on creating this iconic and convenient pieces of clothing. Pendleton x Levis collection is now available in stores and online, ranging from $298 $398 USD.

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