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The change is most often a subtle breeze that blows through a collection. Lemaire, renamed last January to the name of its eponymous founder, this was so.

Lemaire Attractive Fall Winter 2015 Women Collection
Lemaire stylish wear fall winter 2015 collection at paris fashion week-17

The work of Christophe Lemaire, languidly ascetic purity, always avoided any flagrant display, removed the sentimentality and promoted a form of constraint. It was still the case, obvious in the way a coat wrapped the silhouette or the restricted palette of urban neutrals, black, blues and creams. But the growing prominence of co-designer Sarah-Linh Tran has brought an easing in the severeness and attention with small twists and turns in the sobriety of the wife of Lemaire.

Christophe Lemaire and Japanese fashion giant are working on a collection of male and female fashion for fall 2015. The news comes just a day before Lemaire very anticipated ready-to-wear at the Paris Fashion Week show.

Previous guest designers at Uniqlo, including Inés Fressange, Chloe Sevigny, Lily Donaldson and Helmut Lang menswear creator, Alexandre Plokhov who created the capsule last fall.

“We have always dreamed of working with Uniqlo,” revealed Lemaire Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Lihn Tran designers who are fans of clothing of all creative, Uniqlo comfortable days and believe they are on the same page.

Speaking of programming, the duo mentioned the idea of a woman walking in quiet seaside in winter, translating into a range that has been strong on the outerwear. The designers have said that before the fall will account for about 60 percent of their entire collection fall/winter, with large pieces remaining longer in stores and lighter, more delicate pieces planned for the upcoming March runway season.

Focused on the classics – with some reworked elements of the latest collections from Lemaire – looks included range pants high waist to feet wide, ultra shown in cotton or wool-denim and worn either with a boxy pea coat or a tight red knit sweater. Given their masculine dress aesthetics, the duo promoted natural fabrics and comfortable volume, such as a yak-wool cape and tunic, a pantsuit crepe wool, a generous wax gabardine cotton and fabric woolen Panama “umbrella” – shaped skirt of the film. To complete the collection was a range of thin cashmere knit and tops sweaters in shades of the skin tone, but also a line of squares of leather bags manufactured by a factory of French traditional Workwear.

A leather bag molded featured a pair of tits, but there’s nothing obscene in their regard, in the same way that ethnographic images of indigenous tribes are devoid of sexual connotation. Of course, fashion is an ocean of imagination where Lemaire provides an island of pragmatism. Something fell very strongly: how a handful of good ingredients can be reused over and over again. The real news was the mood lightened at the highbrow, Frenchness left bank that has characterized the brand so far.

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