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Latest Fashion Trend of Ukrainian Embroidery

We have all much 70 influence on the current fashion trends with major designers and high street retailers share collections reminiscent of the beautiful times seen. The chic bohemian air storm has conquered the fashion world with its beautiful design and style solutions. You have surely noticed repeatable in many details of a designer collection of suede and flowing fabrics, lace and floral prints, and the comeback of embroidery pieces are a common sight now, especially the trend of Ukrainian embroidery evokes beautiful folk style ideas. The amazing has embroidered a whole series of historic and inspiring background from the roots of Ukrainian culture figures, indeed.

Latest Fashion Trend of Ukrainian Embroidery
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The Indian cotton cotton and embroidery template appeared both on the catwalk from Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and the high street of mango Talitha and Melissa Odabash, with multiple looks bear a striking resemblance to the costumes worn in the Ukraine.

While the trend, first by Vogue, discovered in a schism with the State of things – feels this week Heads of Government European and Ukrainian State and again in their roots for the new collections meet a turning point in the confidence of Ukrainian designers at a Summit in Kiev in a bid to resolve the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine – also marked it.

The spearhead of this shift is Ukrainian fashion designer Lena Ivanova. “Describe why she has investigated their national costumes of influence, she feels patriotism is fundamental for Ukrainian creativity:” we have our traditions and try to use something that we have accumulated over the centuries, this really is the DNA of the country deliberately, “explains them, talk of Kiev.” Ukrainian costume is in the different regions of the country. very diverse and different” Ivanova, whose eponymous label IVANOVA marries traditional silhouettes and influence prints with modern tailoring deprives the Carpathians hill tribes costumes for their collections: “The local population (the Hutsuls) seem very bright and authentic.”

It is a distinct movement from previous seasons; last year Ukraine fashion week fell in the middle of revolutionary spin and simultaneously shattering, it went ahead of course moved on the runway situation. Documentary film makers traveled to Charlet Duboc Ukraine make a film about the fashion week for Vice called revolution on the runway. “Fashion week was basically during the revolution and became a political statement about what happened back then,” describe it, explained, as the runway was flooded with fake blood and flak jackets.

Contemporary Ukrainian designers often use fashion as an opportunity, express their solidarity. Olga Navrotsky has aligned wing alongside slogans of against Russian President Vladmir Putin as motifs in earlier collections and bullets used. Ksenia Schnaider, a luxury label was the coat of arms of Ukraine, the Trident is used as a motif. But this trend for tailoring protest seems with many native young designers choice patriotism of revolt has moved.

VITA-kin, Kiev-based label owned by the eponymous Designer will also take this look at the global level attributed to precedent. Heavily embroidered primary colored dresses, jackets and blouses are a proper calibration of old and new most important designers of Ukraine fashion week its brand. “I was inspired by traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns, which I adapted and applied again, to create a modern look,” she says. “In the autumn of this year, I am inspired by Ukrainian carpets [‘kilims’ in Ukrainian language]”. Members of Anna Dello Russo counts as a fan, as well as U.S. fashion writer Leandra Medine AKA man repelled. Both have carried kin Vyshyvanka inspired red embroidered coat dress.

On the current political background of the pro-Russian still sees daily clashes between government troops and rebels, Kin claimed their collections, which have nothing to do with politics. “I can’t stand politics, and I want not my clothes in any way with it connected,” she says. “My goal is the creation of Bohemian, picturesque and life-affirming clothing that carries special women feels.” I know that I definitely’. ”

This is appropriately find Ukrainian fashion of his legs on the international market. Three Ukrainian designer semifinalists for the coveted prize of LVMH, while Anna K, which refuse collections towards essential fairytales, the American and European markets have been burglarized and presents her collection AW15 in London.

How Vita kin, Ivanova sees complains about this new wave of tradition as a chance for the Ukraine to its heritage: “the traditions have so many interesting things, much energy that you can learn over and over again and use. We try constantly to rethink and restructure these traditions.”

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