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Latest 4 Fashion Trends for Spring 2015

There are always seasonal trends in fashion. Think about it: spring will always bring the shirts stripes, florals and a touch of pink or yellow. Favorite and will rise to the surface which have never really left. They are perhaps just over abundant one year to the next. Species: this spring is perhaps the time to find this denim dress perfect, as betting money says there will be more this year than in the past.

Latest 4 Fashion Trends for Spring 2015
trend of Bold Florals for women In 2015-5
Let’s break down what to wear more options as our weeks to spring on walk, but today we speak only four trends spring, that you must be aware:

Yellow. It is difficult to wear, we know. But we advise to help.

Flowers of “BOLD”. It’s a big Yes this year. You will find big and bright. Consider adding a shirt striped for a playful look.

Denim distressed or discolored. He has been here for awhile. It won’t go away. And now it is huge.

Vichy. Either with pants, shoes, scarf, top, skirt, dress or your purse. Just get something as Vichy!

Trend #1: Yellow

There are several hot colors this season, but yellow is so happy! It of a terribly cold day so as I write this, thus, yellow has my attention. Ice blue is also very in, are basically all the colors of the blue. White from head to foot, it is completely on the trend. Red, pink, green… Yeah, these too. But yellow definitely got a big wink of eye of designers this season.

Spring 2015 has many trends of color. It is really yellow!

You will find yellow in all shades for spring/summer 2015: mustard, pale and shining. You will see it as an accent color or one color “BOLD”. Given that patterns appear as a strong trend, you will find certainly yellow embedded in many tissues, as seen in the above photo collage. But yellow is hard to bear for many and if you want to go “BOLD” and be yellow, you can be called Big Bird. So what to do?

We recommend that you:

Look for yellow patterned. It makes it easier to wear with a complexion more.

Wear it as an accent color: brainstorming under a jacket, like a belt, handbag, necklace, vest, etc.

Wear it below the waist: skirts, trousers, shorts.

Pair it up with another hot color: blue. Think the ice blue, cornflower blue, chambray blue, marine… all blue.

Trend #2: Florals “BOLD”

Come, spring florals are still in; It is logical. But as we have seen in the course of the last years, florals are not only skirts and dresses (think you bags hand, shoes, tops and pants), and patrons are bigger and bolder than typically seen in past years.

The best way to incorporate flowers from “BOLD”, if we are talking about separates, involves matching a skirt or pants with a light, almost sheer top to balance the Visual weight of the “BOLD” print. Or add a Jean shirt for a still-award-winning look. If you have a black and white striped t-shirt or a striped tee-shirt Navy and white, pair it with a floral “BOLD” which has either black or Navy Blue. See? Easy as pie.

Trend #3: Distressed or washed out denim

Denim is being embraced in both ways more refined (DVF has even a denim dress wrap this season!) and in ways more distressed. Boyfriend Jean continues to be large, but the flared jeans are back, just like his cousin, the bottom of the Bell. Lean has not disappeared; No Madam. High waist are still female bottom look huge. And, for your jeans, more tattered the better. Or at least more faded…

You’ve seen the jeans torn for a while. The look comes and goes. But it has been around for a good five years or more. Okay okay, let’s be real: he has been around since about 1981. However, he really went mainstream. That said, the look is not for everyone. We recommend that you:

If you are aged over 30, tread carefully with the look of ripped jeans, but it be embraced by more than just teenagers. If you are aged over 35, think really this trend! That said, I’m looking for a pair, you know with a little bit painful. And we know a handful of women that can rock this look beyond 50. You know. You have some of this atmosphere of rocker? Then do it and hold your head high, just consider less painful and less holes with age. More of a Lilly Pulitzer gal? No worries, but this look may not work for you.

The denim thing any patched… it is not as durable as the denim distressed look. And it may seem childish.

For a look that everyone reading really well can do with, consider faded denim. As in really gone. Add this to your dark jeans and white jeans, and you’re ready to three distinct looks that we move towards spring.

You want jeans in distress without holes? Fray the hem. You can buy this way, but they are difficult to find without holes. DIY, just cut your jeans to the length you want and pull the hem, loosening the threads. Then wash and dry to really bring out the fraying. Street fashion has been paving the way in this regard for the past year or two.

Bedazzled jeans had a few winks of eye on the track. But those with back pockets bedazzled hiding in your closet? Do not. This continues to be a very dated look.

If you wear jeans in distress, look to street fashion to know how to remove this look. Pair the jeans with female heels for a great polished-meeting-frayed look… as perfect “friction” that we like to talk.

Trend #4: Gingham and plaid

We are not talking about Mary Ann “Gilligan island” here. It’s sophisticated gingham and plaid bringing This same carefree attitude. While I have chosen to highlight black and Brown here, go with the color, if that’s your thing. I’m just more of a neutral girl, after having talked about yellow and BOLD floral, so I need to embrace my neutral roots again. OK, OK. I’ll include a colorful… picture because I like orange.

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