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Lancome Juicy Shakers, Gloss with Oil and Pigments

Lancome upsets the canons of beauty and launches “Juicy Shaker” an innovative product with a packaging that recalls the shaker to create cocktails. Not surprisingly, before use you must shakerarlo!It is a kind of gloss that contains oil and pigment in water: a mix to make lips soft, perfumed and softly colored. Juicy Shaker is preparing to become a must have for its pleasant biphasic formula by ‘ shake ‘ combined with an extraordinary concept and a pack super tasty!

Lancome Juicy Shakers, Gloss with Oil and Pigments
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After the collection makeup Lancome spring 2016 we discover together the new gloss cushion Lancome with many live photos and review!


  •    283 Berry in Love – pink and purple with blackberry aroma
  •    300 Lemon Explosion – hot pink with a refreshing aroma of soda
  •    301 Meli Melon – soft and juicy pink with melon scent
  •    313 Boom Meringue – salmon
  •    352 Wonder Melon – bright fuchsia with the scent of juicy watermelon
  •    372 Berry Tale – intense pink-berry with black currant aroma
  •    381 Mangoes Wild – pinkish-orange with mango flavor
  •    400 Mint to Be – mint-blue gives lips a natural pink hue with a magnificent pearlescent
  •    102 Apri Cute – soft, sunny orange with apricot aroma
  •    142 Freedom of Peach – peach with fresh fruit aroma
  •    341 Cherry Synphony – ruby red with cherry aroma
  •    154 Great Fruit – cherry-orange with grapefruit aroma
  •    166 Walk the Lime – spicy orange with cinnamon aroma
  •    252 Vanilla Pop – delicate pink with a discreet vanilla flavor


International Launch Date – March 2016 at Sephora

Lancome Juicy Shaker – New – €24.00

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