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Kylie Jenner Just Announced Of Launching Nail Polish Line

Last week, observers Kardashian-Jenner noted already that Kylie Jenner has changed the name of its Web site kit lip of “Kylie LipKit” to Cosmetic Kylie.It was always clear that she intended to the domination of the world beauty and now moves with a new category: Nail Polish.

Kylie Jenner Just Announced Of Launching Nail Polish Line
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Sinful, it is in the glow it gives out. All Hi Kylie King Collection! We took a bunch of the Jenners lately, the sisters who can’t stay out of the spotlight, reveling in the place in their incredible popularity. The last part of the press is connected to little sister Kylie however, with its charming and informed appearance pouting lips, black hair cascading over her shoulders and those eyes of impeccably drawn cat only add to the attractiveness of its poses. This time, Kylie Jenner has released a new collection of Nail Polish in collaboration with sinful colors, and colors are far from conventional, giving us insight into what she likes the most, a little bit of rebellion in colorful format.

Kylie Jenner Just Announced Of Launching Nail Polish Line
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A few days after that it celebrated the launch of its new brand of contemporary clothing Kendall + Kylie with her sister, the youngest Jenner collaborates with the brand of Nail Polish Super affordable sinful colors, WWD reveals. Instead of launching of the Poles by his own label, as it has done with its lip Kits, Jenner published three collections in limited edition with the company of the nail. The first will hit stores in early March, with the next two to follow in April and may.

The first track, called the King Kylie Collection (a blink of eye to his character of Instagram), features already existing sinful shine two-step false gel formula of the brand that is so popular in the world of nail polish. Colors include “Koko-nuts,” “Kafe Latte,” “True Kolor” and “The Royal Me” and every nuance will retail for $2.99 – a full dollar more than the rest of the line, but still very accessible.

“We are pleased that the next product with his name on it is sinful colors,” Rahul Mehotra, CEO of the brand says WWD, perhaps the greatest possible euphemism. Famous Jenner lip kits are sold in minutes, each time that it publishes a new batch, but that can’t happen in this case for several reasons: first of all, colors sinful already has the capacity of production and mass distribution through stores like Walgreens and Target, so presumably there is a lot available. Secondly, Nail Polish isn’t just as buzzy as it once was, and it does not have the cache of social media which liquid lipstick is now. However, compared to 29 lip kits $de Jenner, $2.99 is really affordable, then it can be total fairs, which is probably what all those involved hope for. Polish companies nail probably watching this launch with care.

This partnership makes a lot of sense for Jenner, because, after his famous lips, her nails are probably his most-Instagrammed feature. She used constantly pose with his hands in his mouth, telling Elle U.K. that the reason why she did it was because she used to be embarrassed by his lips. Now, they are another way of Compère of its products. “I wanted to do something innovative and accessible to my young fans,” Jenner told WWD.

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