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Kundan Jewelry Trend 2016 In Asian Women

For many centuries, Kudan is known as the most sophisticated form of jewelry and women love to wear them. It origins from the royal courts of Rajastan and Gujrat.

Kundan Jewelry Trend 2016 In Asian Women
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When we define Kundan, we comes to know that it is perfectly refined form of gold and it is usually get after melting it at high temperature. To create Kundan not only gold is used but also many y other stones and gems which have been encrusted. Kundan is considered to be the ancient form of jewelry ever produced in sub-continent. Now the new and latest designs have come before us in more distinctive styles and patterns. You can wear it with traditional attires from lehngas to sarees, from simple shalwar kameez to frocks and gowns. This article will reveal the latest designs of Kundan jewelry which have been worn by a lot of women on various traditional occasions.

Kundan Necklace:

Necklaces are known as the most essential part of every jewelry set. Due to the use of gems and stones, Kundan necklaces look triple times amazing. For formal collection, these Kundan necklaces have been kept extremely subtle and delicate. while fo the bridal wear heavy stones and gold has been used in these necklaces. On the semi-circular framework of silver or gold, or any other metal series of stones have coated. The stones which have been used are of various colors ranges from green to blue, white to red and even.

Earings and Jumkas of Kundan:

Traditional Kundan jewelry comprises of embellished heavy heavy Jhumkays as. These type of Jhumkas are still in demand and women love to wear them. These heavy and fine embellished jhumkas are worn on wedding ceremonies while on its contrary light and delicate earing are worn on casual functions. These earings and jhumkas are available in symmetrical patterns and have a beautiful eastern touch.

Kundan Bracelets:

There is a plenty of women who love to wear bracelets. women of all ages are crazy to wear bracelets as they thought that arms are empty and not good looking without bracelets. Due to the various designs and heavy embellishments, Kundan bracelets are unique. The designers and jewelrs have made them with great skill and engrave many delicate stones and gems into a thin chain with great expertness. When the gold is molded and crafted into Kundan designs of bracelets, it look absolutely elegant and perfect.

Kundan Matha Patti:

Matha patti has become the part of modern fashion for the bridal renovation. These Kundan Maatha Pattis are either single or double sided. These Kundan Maatha Pattis have been embellished with the beautiful pearls and stones. To create an aesthetic appeal, the color of gem s is kept the same as the gem of necklace, Jhumka is also used other than Maatha patti and this Jhoomar usually has a huge central pearl, stone or gem.

Kundan Rings:

South Asian women have a craze to wear rings. To style the perfect rings, beautiful stones have embedded in various ways. Broad rings are usually preferred by women and young girls. Small stone kundan work rings are also loved and liked and loved by women.

Kundan Payals And Anklets:

Though Anklets and Payals are not worn by all but these are still in fashion and demand by young girls. With the combination of gem work, these anklets have been designed in a beautiful way. Mostly Indian brides wear these anklets and payals on their wedding day. Not only bridal heavy anklets and payals are designed but also delicate usually wear anklets have been designed with the touch of various types of stones. These are the best and beautiful jewelry pieces which enhance the beauty of the feet.

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