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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Revealed Name of Baby Boy: Saint West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally revealed the names of their newborn child.Only two days after the 35-year reality star and her rapper husband welcomed their second child, Kim has taken for its application to share the very expected their son’s name. AND learned his name is: Sainte-West!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Revealed Name of Baby Boy: Saint West
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After some research though it seems the Wests are not the only ones who got creative with this. According to the social security database, in 2014, there are a total of 32 boys named Saint and a whole lot more (235 to the United States) named Santos, using the Spanish version of the word. Apparently, some mothers really want to transform their children in the most devout of boys and girls. It is like calling your child Jesus, in our opinion. Although Saint is not as widespread as Jesus, in particular between the non-Spanish English-speaking world, we must admit that it has the same effect. From Yeezus comes Saint… Oh, boy!

We love Kanye and Kim, Kardashian-West combination somehow really attractive for us all. Apparently, it is really good for him as well since there is a Kanye smile seen so often these days that could never imagined before the arrival of the diva of the Armenian in his life. We must congratulate the couple to have their second a bit and we are sure that Kanye will make as big a father to his son as he was for his daughter.

Return on behalf of the son of Kim Kardashian, in reality, this means that someone who has been set aside or chosen by God and the process of canonization has been around since long before Christianity itself. At that time, Holiness is often associated with Catholicism, but it is much more than the word. People have named several Saints for various reasons, of the martyrdom to exceptional devotion.

We wonder if baby Saint will live up to his name of course, but it certainly gave to the family of God, as far as going to the Christian religion. After all, he will grow up in a family where the father is self-proclaimed a God and renamed Yeezus, his album 2013 stirs fans and inspiring some to form a new religion called Yeezianity as part of the “Church of Yeezus” as they say. Nonsense, it may be, but who are we to judge?

The name was announced on the Web site account and twitter Kim with a family of emoji and one exclamation point St. West with capital letters and nothing else. While some reactions to the name were encouraging, some were downright funny (with the face of Kim in the image of the Virgin) and Saint Photoshopped emoji on a face painting wall a holy days real Byzantine. Some were surprised, others with condescension, but he doesn’t seem to be significant aggression against it. It was to be expected. The Kardashians is never gone classical and Kanye is no stranger to take on religions for him.

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