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Karen Walker Unveils Colorful and Artistic Eyewear

Turned Karen Walker at David Hockney for inspiration for their latest eyewear collection, repeat some of their signature frames in Aquas, turquoise, sky blue, cloves and apricots. “I love the color block and the flatness of Hockney’s work, as well as the actual colors themselves – the saturated blue on blue on blue!,” Walker explains: “also the manner in which he captured, the light transmission of water, which I love, and that is why we have used pale lenses in many styles.” See the entire collection at KarenWalker.com start.

Karen Walker Unveils Colorful and Artistic Eyewear
Karen Walker Launches beautiful Colorful Sunglasses-4

Karen Walker pool / collection is inspired “by David Hockneys Glam Hollywood swimming pool painting – a guide from its defining watery turquoise, Aquas and Sky Blues, as well as its subdued cloves and apricots.”

The famous brand of Karen Walker has got popularity not only among the girls and fashionistas , but also those celebrities who have noticed this brand through its minimalist and delicate designs and bright colors,. Rihanna, Madonna, Natalie Portman, Alexa Chang, Jenifer Lopez will here and there spotted Walker Karen pieces. Special attention should Karen be paid Walker sunglasses, which stand out with their unique design and oversized wheels. I assure you that real fashion lovers have a selection of sunglasses, that are different in design very little. But if you already have a few have received from Karen Walker sunglasses, then you are sure a unique piece in your collection that immediately called Karen Walker have. The brand new colorful and artistic sunglasses recently who immediately to take us somewhere close to water with its airy name of “Pool”. After Karen served as inspiration for her the painting by the British artist David Hockney at the start her new collection. It even describes her inspiration in this way: “I love that block colour and flatness of Hockney’s work, as well as the actual colors themselves – the saturated blue on blue on blue!.” “Also the manner in which he the light permeability of water gathered, I love and that’s why, we bleacher used lenses in many styles.”

The brand remains faithful to his style once more by the Union of two themes – David Hockney and the pool. We see four wheel designs and four different color palettes, and these have been combined to provide you four different glasses styles. We can enjoy inspired by David Hockney’s signature sunglasses colours – sky blue and Crystal azure, which represent ideal light permeability of water are. The theme of water is preserved as well for the next design, where sea blue and Crystal Aqua shades, look like a real water girl. We also observed one thing in the design of the sunglasses of Karen Walker that he used her favorite color combination – dusty pink and Crystal peach. If you want to look like classic even by the pool, then the crazy decide you are free to combine tort sunglasses, shades of black and gold in artistic way. In addition each pair of sunglasses with some details of gold comes to be, that extend the chic factor of the collection.

Karen Walker sunglasses 2015 should you fit each individual face shape. Preferable to depending on your face shape and your color range you are sure to find the perfect pair of sunnies for you.

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