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Just Cavalli Resort Collection 2016

Just Cavalli design team after Japan took an imaginative journey for the brand young and fun resort.In particular she focused on Tokyo’s Harajuku district, a gathering spot for eccentric teenagers who wear elaborate, individual outfits. The collection of mood also swayed in the direction of Las Vegas with a range of funky, rock-inspired pieces, such as a fringe leather jacket with metallic accents, paired with a matching mini skirt and a sleeveless zipper leather dress over a feminine silk blouse worn.

Just Cavalli Resort Collection 2016
Just Cavalli resort 2016 collection-5

The focus seems to be in the Harajuka district in Tokyo, is a meeting spot for eccentric teens, like in elaborate costumes and individual outfits dress. Traditional elements were Japanese even through the iconography of the prints, floral patterns, which all year round in the year 2015 scroll and seem in 2016 as well as, in addition to the short silk cadi-skirts passed, which with ruffled chiffon blouses or Obi-inspired belts have been connected. We actually see a pattern in the use of Japanese design, when it comes to resort collections will be presented, which means that 2016 more towards this particular side of the world for inspiration could be rejected. The atmosphere that set also reminds us through this particular occupation of a Las Vegas theme with some more rock-inspired funky designs, a series which includes fringed leather jackets and some awesome metallic accents on the overall appeal of the collection Add. These include mini skirt and as well as sleeveless zipper leather dresses inspired by so very pretty blouses, the thoughts and feelings of femininity. Add some beautiful oversized, gold-rimmed sunglasses into the mix, shiny boots in black and gold and red, and you really have a collection worth looking into.

Curved cut-outs are Just Cavalli Resortkollektion in 2016, along with the pairing of mini dresses with mid of calf length boots, long sleeves and waist accented with a belt without actually conditioning in see. The white edge jacket and skirt set certainly speaks us and on a Cowgirl goddess conquered the Wild West remembered somehow. Fringes on handbags also appear, if we are not sure how practical a 2 feet long bangs really hang from your purse. Keyhole slots make an appearance here, while colors bulbs range from mahogany with coral, MIDI-skirts looking perfect in contrast to this really short mini skirt.

During the entire cruise all Just Cavalli is 2016 collection a very interesting atmosphere is chic sophistication meet flirty fun. You are sure all other passengers on your cruise or in the system only with the leather meat chiffon combinations alone will inspire.

The lineup integrates traditional Japanese iconographic elements as well as floral pattern blouse on a short silk c skirt with ruffled chiffon or the OBI-inspired belt decoration is a series of outfits, including a girly, worn high waist rayon Jersey dress.

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