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Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2015 Couture Collection

If you follow fashion editors on Instagram, you saw wonder model Anna Cleveland dance one below start and runway wearing what can only be describe as an elaborate, furry, circular, tulle-filled apron from dead animals, topped off with a headband that was at least a foot in height.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2015 Couture Collection
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2015 Bagpipes, Sailor Hats and Towering Headpieces

It was the greatest in a series of circular, almost tribal looks, Jean Paul Gaultier in the second half of his autumn 2015 Couture show recorded. The first half was an ode to his well-known love of nautical stripes: was striped hats, striped tights, striped shirts and even a striped silk jumpsuit (which I actually would wear). Most of the models wore dizzying headgear, of which were some Fez-like; others resembled lace panels. However, the strangest and scariest accessories, was this yellow orange fur stoles, which had a nose and eyes.

Mr. Gaultier’s Paris King of kitsch, a man who has made fashion Theater for decades and don’t be shy before the thematic statements that others see and looking after, hard to close that fashion’s Holy Grail. Instead was he before his years, drawing endless inspiration from his native France and today’s tribute to its Northwestern borders (Brittany, to be exact) was a grandiose set of all things Gallic, from crepes Kurowski, the traditional “décoiffe” head coverings served rejigged in black lace.

The iconic cotton striped Breton kidney above, J.P. all-time signature calling card, countless Declinations here found. as the blue – circle blade spiral from one knee socks or the plush Devoré pleated circle skirt, Hummel cover a Boatneck sheer blouse. Nautical connotations, evolved the region bright yellow golden embroidery on the asymmetric breast plates and collar mannish outerwear or in bands of bright orange below a Moiré-silk trench, lend the collection of graphic-stamps, which culminated in a glittering, feathered evening shone with fern patterned velvet lined.

A good look is red and black, although we see a lot more of the candy canes and the sailor blouse with blue and white, totally looking French. Attaching 1940’s style coats and full Victorian frocks of the mixture than one or 2, have us questions, if errors were in fact his inspiration, Gaultier designs presented a pretty interesting line up fun, all of which fit his style and sense of fashion to the tea. The error even though? Apparently, when viewed up close it is worn with him at least a foot in height all made a rather elaborate, furry, circular, tulle-filled apron from dead animals, the head piece. The views also have a slightly tribe edge to them, at least a few, find the stories about nautical crew new Islands with slight shudder problems and a population of its own have woven. If you land there, stole necessarily take with yellowish orange skin, nose and mouth to show his Foxiness.

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