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Isadora Fall 2015 Eye Color Bar Collection

The color of the Eye to create a Color Bar Isadora six-eye shadow palette makes the fall of two new fall shades. Eye Color-the color of the Bar to create a velvety soft and silky texture feel created by the intense color stays that have for a long time. The palette is easy to mix and match the right to its own appropriate tone generated by the day as appearing in the evening. Shades is easy to move the transparent very intense. The product is unscented and eye tested by doctors.

Isadora Fall 2015 Eye Color Bar Collection
Isadora Eye Color Bar for Fall 2015-2

Eye Color Bar 63 Autumn Leaves is a combination of warm, creamy nudesävyjä, bronze, green and Brown. Earthy shades are inspired by autumn tummuvista.

Eye Color Bar 64 Grey Temptation is a combination of cold shades: white, grey, blue and black. The palette colors can create a natural grey day makeup and update the eye make-up of expenditure to fit the tummemmilla tones.

Isadora Fall 2015 Eye Color Bar Collection
Isadora Eye Color Bar for Fall 2015
Isadora Fall 2015 Eye Color Bar Collection
Isadora Eye Color Bar for Fall 2015-1

Gel Nail Lacquer-gel syyssävyt

In the light of the day, drying, a gel-like the end result to pounce on the completion in the autumn of mausteisilla Gel Nail Lacquer, wire-violet and orange tones. Autumn collection consists of the following shades:

243 Hot Chili, kausisävy

244 Red Spell, kausisävy

245 Berry Baroque, valikoimaan jäävä uutuus

246 Lovely Lilac, kausisävy

248 Dark Temptation, valikoimaan jäävä uutuus

247 Purple Passion, kausisävy

249 Turtledove, kausisävy

250 Liquorice, kausisävy

235 Midnight, kausisävy

234 Marron Glacé, kausisävy

Product information:

Isadora Eye Color Bar-in order to create a color palette syyssävyt 63 Autumn Leaves and 64 Grey Temptation, suggested retail price 19.90 euros, will go on sale in September 2015

Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer-gel Nail Polish syyssävyt price of 9.50 euros, will go on sale in September 2015

Isadora is in Sweden in 1983 set up kosmetiikkabrändi, which is today the points of sale in about 40 countries. A wide range of products includes a wide range of tones, trendy makeup collections and novelties. Isadora all products are fragrance-free and clinically tested. For more information:

Berner Oy is a Finnish family company, founded in 1883, financially sound, with high-quality domestic and international brands are an integral part of the Finnish daily life. Our activities guided by the desire to provide our customers with only the best products and the best service. The company’s net sales in 2014 was 275,9 million, the equity/assets ratio 78.6% with 517. Our head office, product development and production units are located in Finland, the daughter of our company in Sweden and the Baltic States. For more information:

Oman product development known characters are, among other things, XZ, LV, Herbina, as soon as the GreenCare, Korrek, L, Nokian footwear, as well as the border of the Hill. As the leading cosmetics importer Berner represented Finland in many international brands such as Calvin Klein, Chloé, Clarins, IsaDora, Marc Jacobs, philosophy, Rimmel and get horny.

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