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Is Contouring and highlighting Really Worth It?

What is contouring and highlighting?

Contouring has gained in the course of the last year or so much attention, but it’s actually a trick, makeup artists have used for a long time. With two different colour schemes with strategically applied, thoroughly mixed face makeup, you define your bone structure.

Is Contouring and highlighting Really Worth It?
Is Contouring Really Worth It-1

(Contour make your nose smaller, appear more pronounced cheek bones pine, more angular, smaller forehead and eyes larger.) With a little practice, you can change the shape of your face with makeup.

Contouring and highlighting has been seen on many celebrities, especially Kim Kardashian make-up artists and individuals have tried to copy.

Many beauty bloggers have many options when attempting this look, and by this hub you will be able to give it a try!

So what do you need?

It is important that you all ready have the right equipment and makeup, to highlight and contouring to start! Few times when attempting to contour can not go right the first, but with a little practice, I’m sure that you get the correct structure to your face.

You will need:

It is essential to have the right brush, as this allows for a perfect surface, as well as the right, the mixture on the skin right brushes -. It is getting better, two in a brush one, as it is more efficient, but makeup brush set amazing for variety in the brush you need is eleven!

Matte makeup use matte Foundation, powder, Concealer, bronzer and Blushas that it should look airbrushed. Only if you are highlighted, you should use a shimmering product.

I personally recommend MAC, Rimmel, and eleven make-up, as it allows for a flawless finish in your contouring look!

The bright colors – contouring creates a shadow effect, then use the right types of a Brown suited for your skin color, otherwise it may look too dark or it can ever seen!

Daylight – daylight so much easier to see it make your makeup look! If the look in the dark then appear colors too bright or too dark which may or may not be for your skin tone. You may notice also don’t mix, that you would be embarrassed walking out the door with stain of Brown, missed!

Contour and climax right – I will show you how contour and highlighted in a second, but it is better to soft start and gradually build the product. A tip is to facilitate two different shades of Foundation to the process, but it is up to you!

Before and after!

See this photo clearly before and after the process of contouring and highlighting and how it can have a massive impact on your appearance and confidence!

See this photo clearly before and after the process of contouring and highlighting and how it can have a massive impact on your appearance and confidence!

So, let us with the contour and highlight to crack!

Use a Foundation 2 shades first lighter than your skin tone to mark! Use for the contouring of a low or non-shimmer bronzer. Then set with powder, like this prevent the Foundation is everywhere!

As next outline around the hairline so warm the face and shorten the forehead. The image, which I before busy than help instructions to help you where you highlight and contour!

Is Contouring and highlighting Really Worth It?
Is Contouring Really Worth It

Then, a contour inches above the temple face depth added.

Then, you can contour the bottom of cheekbone to strengthen your bone structure!

Next under the jaw line to add definition and slim the face contour.

To contour of the sides of the nose on both sides, appear slim and add definition.

As to make next contour on both sides of the nose and to shorten in length.

After the contouring is done, you can start to select the face!

Between the eyebrows, first mark where a furrow may seem.

Select next under the Arch of the eyebrows to lift the forehead and the eyes light up.

To define the cheek, mark the climax of the zygomatic bone.

Mark folds, the shadows as for example in the area of nasal folds create.

Then highlight the bridge of the nose, to facilitate the face and avoid the tip to.

This guide is only a basic guide to the highlighting and contouring is short and sweet and amazing is doing the job!

You can also some blush Add. Blush should be added just above the contour on the cheek bones and just below the highlight over it!

This is the Guide I use, contour and highlight how it is easy to understand and work on almost everyone!

Personally, I think that everyone in the situation is the correct procedure with the right makeup and brushes,

I wasn’t sure what all the hype was first, but when I tried it on me, I was amazed how my face looked, especially my nose! I hate my nose and he made it sleeker look and more defined, I loved!

I believe that this process can each amazingly defined appearance and to rock like a celebrity, the dance floor!

The makeup, that you use, be not even expensive in order for you to reach your destination!

Contouring and highlighting looks amazing on any skin tone, I think that people need to know what skin tone they have an adapt, that by appropriate makeup!

I’m personally glad that I it was introduced because it can make your face flawless and well defined! Happens about the make-up, then it of very obvious and looks not so natural and amazing!

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