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Irina Shayk for Fall 2015 Bebe Campaign

Boho girls are getting out of the categorization. You can get them in a different fashion style, so you just have to give up and keep a boho catalog for them to you! BeBe was one of the fashion labels that have returned to the flower motifs of this season (ironically, they bring flowers for fall!). Some of the labels, such as Bebe, prefer to keep the florals in borders, but at the same time use as a central theme. Fortunately for those who can’t stand only the floral print, the Bebe autumn 2015 catalog is part boho, and some glamorous outfits are waiting for you. Simply turn the page!

Irina Shayk for Fall 2015 Bebe Campaign
Irina Shayk & Gracie Carvalho Channeling Bohemian Style For Bebe-1

BeBe-August 2015 catalog will be not only the female population of the universe interesting fashion, but also its male counterpart. The main reason for the increased interest was the model and the dream of many, Irina Shayk. Ensures the model together with Gracie Cadelina, presented to kill her look for.

Don’t expect a separate section Shayk exclusively dedicated to? Well, you’re not the only one. Some say Irina has earned a lot of undeserved media presence; others are inspired by the hardships of their childhood and their successes to come. Now, one is clear, Shayk Kardashian of fashion industry; They have heard of her anyway, only you’re not sure what exactly they famous forgot (well, you know, that in the case of Kim).

Back to Bebe although the entire collection has the boho vibes, not, I would argue, that’s totally Bohemia. It seems that the designer still not boho dared excessively to a statement in all documents. Some elements, such as the printed mini dress and the black fitted strapless dress little are switching out of the catalog-style. See here the boho spirit everywhere? I would say it is a mix of boho and glamour, and these 2 are not necessarily connected. BeBe gives you the opportunity to go wild and crazy with boho or keep equipped your contour in the glamorous dresses. You have two completely different goals! Let’s see how this works.

It is also worth noting that the creator has paid an attention to the boho patterns often appear quite. Some of the most common colors of the collection are black, violet and white. Although some pieces very colorful, watch the show coherent and organized.

The setting and the atmosphere are chosen wisely and be definitely determined by the boho fans. The garden scenes are in keeping with the style of the collection. Yet we have seen so many times in boho fashion show the themes of garden and forest, that we, someone to come and make us pray new kind are the collection of boho lifestyle. You’re a tree-hugger, we get it! Now give something new.

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