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Interesting Pictures of Celebrities on the Subway

We are so used to seeing celebrities on our screens that we sometimes forget they have a life beyond the screen and behind the cameras as well. Glamor and luxury are often associated with celebrities. We look forward to them traveling in their own cars or expensive cabs. Generally speaking, we don’t expect celebrities in public transport like the subway.

Well, if there’s any indication for these celebrities, a whole lot! They may all have loads of cash, but that didn’t make them lose touch with us lowly ordinary people. Indeed, each of these stars still has to do the world’s most mundane thing — use public transport — and there are photographs to prove it.

Prominent people do not always travel privately, though. Sometimes they’re going to use the public transport channels like you and me. We’ve listed photos of celebrities using the subway in this post. Scroll on and take advantage of peeps.


On May 16, Fergie turned a rainy afternoon in New York into a singalong subway. The Black Eyed Peas singer decided to take the train from Columbus Circle to Wall Street to escape the thunderstorm on the way to an annual Paley Center music and television gala. She documented the whole encounter on her Instagram, from standing on the platform to welcoming fans on the 2 train. “This is how we take the sub.

Kit Harington

Without his wolf-fur coat, this star of the Game of Thrones almost doesn’t look quite right. Nevertheless, one crazy fan could see him in his street clothes as he rode the Tube through London.

Zoe Saldana

Although in this pic she may look a little confused, don’t let that fool you. Saldana is a Queens-born New Yorker, an expert straphanger. She even once confessed having a date between two moving vehicles to become freaky. Talk about a professional subway!

Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper proudly told CBS News that he was riding the subway “everywhere every day”—although Cooper is always seen wearing elaborate getups to try to hide from his adoring fans in recognition of his star status. Unfortunately for Cooper, however, the disguise was not purchased by this Twitter user.

Drew Barrymore

While these pictures may look frank, they are actually being staged! Barrymore released a fresh line of makeup products and chose to use them on Instagram to share snaps of herself.

Keanu Reeves

Not only does Keanu Reeves frequently ride the New York City subway, but when he does, he shows the world that after reaching star status, celebrities still retain their manners. A fan witnessed Reeves giving up his seat to a woman during a particular ride in 2013, capturing this act on video and creating an internet feeling—as if we needed more reasons to admire the Matrix star.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson posted this photo on her Instagram as if we needed another reason to adore the Harry Potter star, showing her fans the myriad ways she’s pushing literature on New York City’s unassuming residents—including hiding books along subway platforms. Not only are we fond of Watson venturing into the New York City subway system, but for such a commendable cause she did so.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny went back to the block — the Bronx — and did it in full style and ease while waiting for the train to arrive. She’s back on the 6 and she loves it every second.

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