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In 2019, Jessica kobeissi Disney Princesses as Real Girls

As we grew up, we learned to dream from Disney. Even when we grew up, our Disney affiliation remains strong. We like to see our beloved princesses come to life on the big screen. these princesses wearing same match cloth to beloved disney girls. Like many of us who love classic Disney movies, Detroit-based fashion photographer Jessica Kobeissi has fallen in love with watching movies like Snow White, Mulan, or Pocahontas. And that is why she created a series of photos that capture how she thinks Disney princesses will look like real women in 2019.

The photographer says that she bought all the clothes through online stores, including ASOS, Revolve and Dolls Kill, to perfectly match every princess clothes. It was really not easy to try to find something that would fit the theme, but was still in fashion (in 2019) .They look glorious because they wearing cloth of same disney princesses 2019 trend. With nearly 1.4 million followers on her YouTube channel and 533 thousand followers on Instagram, many around the world admire Jessica’s work. Scroll down to see some of our favorite real Disney princesses from her photo below and enjoy!

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Jessica Kobkobeissi as Tinkerbell

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