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Hugo Boss Best Resort Collection 2016

After almost two years in his tenure at Hugo Boss, Jason Wu is indeed that “strict” his first few collections for the home whitening. “Women’s wear is here still the “new kid “in fact”, said the designer backstage relative Youngness today, referring to the category (a decade or so) boss compared to about 90 years men’s Suiting and pants (the 1924 founded company). “I wanted to start with collections, rather with the men’s fashion DNA related.” Now is a bit less strict, but with all of cleanliness.”

Hugo Boss Best Resort Collection 2016
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Position could be his most feminized have comforted a result rendered. See: Sequins channels barrel length a halter-neck dress in the whitest white or the seductive striped sand motif layered, like a canyon walls along a misty gray topcoat. We have seen that these forms at boss, but registered as simple and actually true Wu’s core, whose clever combination of refined Chicness and urban kick.

On his mini show today, he said his sights on loose clothing it, but before you begin, a boss tracksuit into consideration, it was not as casual as all that. Yes, there were knitting, but his v necks were cut a second skin rigorously. And also ensures its Jacquard was inspired by sand dunes, but Wu’s dunes are as precise as they come. However, was glad to see it, to expand the universe of his boss. This sexy knit saw great slipped in the waistband wrap-style MIDI-skirts. For the focus on usability, as with Wu’s earlier collections of the brand, its suiting, but remained the best, what’s happening here. This indicates two things: 1) Wu capabilities than Schneider and 2) the lack of chic, entertaining matches out there. Wu would be wise to make more of them.

Also a pinch of surprisingly there’s sexiness, very refreshing with a Tuxedo Jacket, long about a naked breast fall and (these were very good in their simplicity) designed with a little Choker necklace and patent leather Slip-Ons or a deep-V knit anchored by two minimum metal of tabs. These looks were unexpected, but they were welcome and an adventurous Wu illustrative. It is encouraging to see him settled and branching.

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