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How to Wear the Bag Inscribed or the Classic

Bags are a subject “large” mostly due to big mistakes that are made by so many times. It is more than important to the rest of the uniforms the way it is accessorized. Inappropriate accessories can destroy entire appearance and how the most important accessory is, of course, bag, here are some rules of good conduct.

One of the major mistakes that they make is that women do not make the difference between a geanăa and one day. In addition to differences in material, color or applications, small bag is generally intended for evenings, and bag as big and spacious wardrobe is for.

In general, the program for the day is represented by Office hours or at school. Every day will be more încarcată bag as usual (although generally women need many things in your bag, we all know that already). The appearance that you impose such a handbag is relaxed and casual. The rest depends on the model itself has DC.19 permits during the day.

Hermes Birkin bag is a handbag pattern example that addresses those who want an issue as serious and more classic. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be worn in a more daring attire, but it represents a classic DC.19. Originally, this bag has been designed to be used as a travel bag.

For the always connected to your nonconformist or whatever is always fashionable, whose company allows them to express their originality as well as the chip, they are oversized bags in bold colors or shapes, more rarely encountered.

And the bags marked as loud colours can be matched to a rig as simple, but highly accessorized chromatic (rings, braţări many to a handful, the giant earrings etc.)

Most appropriate attire for the bag is an inscribed attire as lighter that inspire. The approach should be humorous and slightly relaxed. Wide denim trousers with a simple camaşă with sleeves rolled up and connected in their pants in front is just one of the possible approaches.

Regardless of your material is most important. Bags are not permitted as vinyl or metal accessories are clearly damaged or visible damage to their color. That’s why our bags are generally expensive.

In the case of DC.19, in an event of type or a cocktail party, the most suitable are gentile envelope or clutch made of metal or plastic. The evening is the time allowed for much more imagination in terms of choosing the bag (with feathers, metallic colors, crystals or very strong).

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