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How to Prepare Olive Oil Mask for Hair

Do you have dry and scaly hairs? Would you simply like to a little to soften, shinier and thinner to make? Look further now, if that’s the case, then don’t! Is there a hair mask, which will do just that. It is olive oil, which we are discussing here! Aside from good tasting and his heart healthy, olive oil has more on it!

How to Prepare Olive Oil Mask for Hair
home made mask of olive oilve for beautiful hair

Olive oil – a short:

Olive oil has many health benefits for the stomach, skin, heart and even the hair. The topical application of olive oil helps soften and enrich your skin and hair, as it looks and feels to improve. Olive oil is an emollient, which means that it absorbs water and softens the skin and hair. In addition, there is olive oil good for every type of hair! Here we look at how to make a olive oil hair mask (with honey).

Ingredients (and their benefits):

1.Virgin olive oil extra:

More expensive and sophisticated than other varieties, extra virgin olive oil provides not only a better fragrance, but more antioxidants and vitamins. These additional nutrients make your hair shinier and stronger.

2. Vitamin E capsules:

Vitamin E capsules are typically in most shops and pharmacies. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that helps repair dry, damaged hair. The anti-inflammatory properties of this vitamin make it ideal for your scalp soothing and repairs damaged hair.

3. Honey:

Honey is one of the best Humectants, which means that it helps trap moisture, and has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These features help restore dry hair and also repair and reduce split ends. Consider raw honey because it has more advantages than processed honey.

How to Prepare Olive Oil Mask for Hair
home made mask of olive oilve for beautiful hair-1

Preparation of olive oil hair mask:

Well, you know, what are the advantages of these components, see how do the olive oil hair mask and how to use it.

You will need:

½ of Cup extra virgin olive oil

¼ Cup of honey

2-3-vitamin E capsules

Airtight jars

PIN brush or brush

Film clips / shower Cap/plastic grocery bag

How to Prepare This Mask:

Pour the honey into a hermetically sealed glass and add olive oil.

Now, Pierce the vitamin E capsules and press it in the olive oil and honey mixture.

Wipe the mixture until it is smooth.

It should be rather sticky.

Use a brush or basting brush to apply the mask on your hair. Pay attention more to your damaged hair tips.

Make sure that you apply the mask evenly throughout your hair.

Cover your hair with a shower Cap. You can wrap in plastic film or cover it with a plastic grocery bag. If you have long hair, you turn it lots on the top of the head and in the place of clip, before covering it with a shower CAP or wrap it with the film.

Let stay for the bag on the head for about 90 minutes. This way your hair, most of the honey and olive oil mixture can absorb.

The heat generated the shower CAP or wrap promotes better absorption of hair mask.

Finally rinse the mixture with warm water. Use any hot water.

Her hair is potentially sticky or initial stiff, but it will more soon soft as the water washes away the hair mask.

Use a natural Shampoo (gentle Ayurvedic shampoo) and a conditioner.


To be sulfate-free shampoos that claim and surfactant-free are the best for your hair. They are gentler than other shampoos. She not so much froth, but they are just as effective.

So what you waiting for? Use this mask and make the hair soft and shiny. Tell us whether this mask work for your hair.

How to Prepare Olive Oil Mask for Hair
home made mask of olive oilve for beautiful hair-2

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