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Hoss Intropia Fall/Winter Campaign 2015

Autumn is approaching and it is time that we prepared our cabinets for the upcoming season, by one trendy piece from our favorite brand new collections for every occasion be prepared. The latest update in the list of the most inspiring collections is the Spanish Main street brand new autumn winter Hoss Intropia. Hoss Intropia autumn/winter-2015-2016-Lookbook with 35 images so an abundant selection of ready-to-wear collection offers pieces for every day, special occasions, as well as work days.

Hoss Intropia Fall/Winter Campaign 2015
denim for fall offering pretty cool alternatives for everyday wear-1

The first picture shows a light gray knee-length monochrome Demi season light coat, who wears it on the model as a dress looks stunning. We see a lot of sporty pieces for casual days, such as creamy white sweater of long sleeve high neck with tobacco just pants and white together and beige two-tone sneakers, dark gray Pajama pants worn with sneakers tile color or black thin leggings with a Cape sleeve blouse by cider total Color and Black Suede sneakers. The collection is literally filled with atypical shapes and designs, the totally cool and also with the privilege differ in the amount of fantastic look. Look how trendy the grey V-neck blouse with two angle cuts is along with lots of black leather, Capri pants, black thick base sandals and light gray of funny hat. Or how about worn the tingling bat-sleeve sweatshirt with beige loose leggings? So cozy, isn’t it?

The color palette has many options, but here are autumn gray, Dark Blues and black vorherrschenden. We love the changing materials, which offer comfort and add great style to your outfit. Chiffon, which considered a summer fabric, serves here several times for both days Indian summer in the autumn and not as hard, warm clothing for relatively mild weather days. There’s the whole dark green, peachy dress suit vest blouse and a tube skirt, looks for a matching combo about a the Rouge knife pleated skirt length right above the knees and long normal white rock to bring back the light you need in dark days. And you have for a masculine touch of shimmering classic grey trousers with rice cotton blouses, so nice silhouette make it on the model look correct and look attractive working days.

Accessories make a significant part of Hoss Intropia 2015 fall line gives you the opportunity to play with your appearance with additional womanly strike. There are the long necklaces with geometric pendant come with matching earrings, chain offers a wide range of color in white and red, metallic long straight black earrings, male plain leather belts from mulberry, turquoise and jam colors that are so beautiful and every look matching necklaces with fluffy followers twisted.

To keep it plain and simple the recordings in a light gray background are taken with no additional setup, highlighted pieces, distracted, that’s a good step from the point of view of marketing. The makeup and hair is also minimalist goes with all the air in the photo shoot. We like the whole line, who want to preserve many of the numbers as soon as possible. We have no such solution to create a whole collection of everyday life, without including the denim must imagine. As long as the real spirit of Hoss Intropia designers managed the impossible, we pay utmost respect to them and prepare yourself for buying this amazing pieces.

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