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H&M’s Most Fashion-Forward Collection

These days, retailers across the price spectrum forget their places – that’s a good thing for us consumers. Haute-Couture labels are affordable capsule collections stretches and fast fashion brands invest in quality construction and materials for high end lines like H & M, whose Studio collection handy provides runway-worthy fashion at prices than what would normally expect from luxury labels. For his latest autumn 15 campaign shot by Dan Jackson, H & M, one of the world’s most prestigious young models, Edie Campbell, asked to do the honors.

H&M’s Most Fashion-Forward Collection
Edie Campbell poses for H&M Studio Fall 2015 Campaign

Campbell, who of art graduated University of London recently from the Courtauld Institute with a degree in art history, says that her training has helped her better model: “I definitely see fashion photography in much more analytical way. I spent a long time [University] work out, how artists represent the three-dimensional world, or an idea or a mood in two-dimensional shapes. “So I spent much time thinking and write it, why and how two-dimensional images to work, which has definitely helped me, when it comes to my work.”

Not that she really needs help. Campbell was the British fashion Awards’ back into the year 2013 named “Model of the Year” and has hosted a slew of luxury campaigns including Burberry, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Her pedigree highbrow she made an unconventional but smart fit for H & M: Studio collection, the fast fashion retailer haute couture collection. Says Campbell about her entrée into mass fashion “brands are more aware that the fashion industry has become more democratic and people not so snooty to want only luxury brands. Customers would have the freedom to mix. And people are much more sophisticated now – they want the best designs and beautiful fabrics, so shops have to offer Main Street. “It’s great that the middle market with nicely done things is filled.”

Campbell made smooth Sandals wearing H & M: who last fall 15 shows in Paris last season, leather snow pants, an oversize ombre sweater and crimson red socks with split stiletto. The collection itself is full of beautiful, 80 years meets 2080 outerwear, beautiful tanks, melted Chevron prints and retro-futuristic accessories such as moon boots, sports bags and leather Aviator Cap. Click to see you through the entire campaign, as well as some Edie’s favorite pieces from the autumn collection.

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