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H&M Unveils Party Outfits with Top Models

It is the season to be frugal! We saw all the extravagant dresses on the runway for this coming season, but H & M offers a fun party collection holiday with all the dresses for $59.99 and less. The die-cast models premium brand Edita Vilkeviciute, Andreea Diaconu and Liu Wen for the campaign. The models are beautiful in the new holiday looks and are all transvestites for an evening with dashing Clément Chabernaud.

H&M Unveils Party Outfits with Top Models
H&M launches A Party Collection for women 2015_800x533

This collection is without doubt a response to recent collaboration the brand with Balmain, where dresses lasted more than three times the price of this collection. These products flew e-shelves on site H & M, which was not too a surprise with the hype the media in circulation. The brand is always looking for new ways to cause a stir, and here’s their next – glamorous holiday event!

There is no fault for range in this collection, given that the mark we provided with everything we would have liked for this time of year. We have Maxis dresses casual, jumpsuits, separates and a whole bunch of glitter, perfect for the holidays. The glamorous Cree entire collection, so no matter what the occasion is, you can be sure that you are looking your best for a good price as well.

A piece of featured in the collection of party H & M2015 is their mini red dress. It is a discontinuous eye for the holidays, and even if you do not personally want one in your wardrobe, the exhibit is emblematic. This one in particular is chiseled in the ideal way for women of many body types, which is something that many designs really do take into account. The dress is perfect for a Christmas party, so it is a hot commodity when the line will be available at H & M.

We would not be too surprised if this collection sold out too, just as the Balmain collection. Both showed a high level of glamour and the two used sequins and glitter to make the pop of clothing, so both had perfect parts for the holidays – it is the most affordable. Mode is not always an expensive luxury (thank you, brands such as H & M), flying over then sometimes you can treat yourself to a great new outfit and still have enough to buy something for someone you love.

The cast of models perfectly represent the joy of the holidays and really helps us to see us in their shoes. What better elsewhere is there for the holiday to have fun with our friends and family? This photo-shoot really evokes that, but adds in this hint of mystery with the addition of Mr. Chabernaud! Therefore, if you are looking for this look perfect for this Christmas party to come, or just for a little something extra spice up your daily wardrobe, H & M has this solution, without having to break the Bank.

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