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H & M Decided to Launch Beauty Cosmetics

H & M is always all fantasy face with a large H & M collection beauty launch globally in this fall. Decorative cosmetics, hair care, Nail Polish and tools, all in upscale packaging contain the range of 700 items. The products replaced the Tchotchke type glosses, etc., which hang in shops near the bar. This brand new lineup who have a dedicated section in each of the 900 H & M-stores all over the world use to wear it.

H & M Decided to Launch Beauty Cosmetics
H&M Stepping Into the Beauty Industry-2

H & M has the launch of a fully-fledged beauty collection, at the price of $2.99 – $24.99, which includes, makeup, hair care, care and beauty body tools, until after shops in 40 countries in September of this year. The pane replaces existing beauty products at H – & – M. Later in the autumn the company will introduce certified organic beauty and a premium beauty collection and a collection as an extension of the conscious collection, consisting of vegetable-based and naturally derived ingredients and packaged using recycled material.

Fashion is the core of the area, with a constantly growing makeup selection, which considers itself on seasonal, ideas and colors. The products will be worldwide and online in more than 900 shops available at

The launch comes more than ever as an expression of personal style at a time as a make-up, is whether the look is natural, classic or trendy. It will experiment new, dedicated beauty areas in stores, customers with trends and evolve, that’s all their own.

H & M Decided to Launch Beauty Cosmetics
H&M Stepping Into the Beauty Industry-1

It might sound funny, but a subsidiary bio, eco-friendly collection “Mode for the face” is also in the works, along with a premium line-products. There many nail in the H & M-beauty line, will include shades of fat, to the bright and modern glamour. It seems retailers like Sephora must on the back take care how H & M over 1000 different SKUs at the end of the year all have the first version of the batch of them to $24.99 retail price of $2.99. Is way lower than what they for most for sale and if H & M is found to quality cosmetics for the costs, then it will appear as if the beauty industry has to fight a shark.

Most interesting, the organic products, which are certified EcoCert and paraben, silicone, GMO, synthetic fragrance and dye is free with the packaging for the products, having as little impact on the environment, since the rest of our skin. We wait impatiently for this version and expect the cheap cosmetics to sell as soon as they hit the stores like hotcakes. With the retailers who seemingly do everything, this is just a further large injection into the ocean, which it has created for themselves free of all except the major competitors. Between the lotions and polishes, the bronzer washes, and body, including all the incredible from the line-up we are sure that doing it for each something.

H & M Decided to Launch Beauty Cosmetics
H&M Stepping Into the Beauty Industry

“We are very excited about the fashion for the face of H & M offer. It is an opportunity, inventive and creative and much fun with colours”, says Sara Wallander, concept designer at H – & M-beauty.”

About 700 packed makeup products are beautiful in the introduction, followed by seasonal drops introduced new and limited edition color collections.

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