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Gypsy Dreamer Fall 2015 Collection For Love & Lemons

What abruptly offers the LA-based clothing retailer for love & lemon this fall is different what you have seen so far with other retailers. Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern, founder and designer of the company, the also best friends since childhood been, not your cabinets suede skirts, fringed poncho or jeans clothing will provide with this year’s trend. In general it is typical for the cloth makers ignore the current trends and a little windy and generate unique. While other popular retailers craft are warm and cozy pieces which quickly enough during the cold season, for love & lemon autumn are consumed, 2015 collection from the system plays with pieces that are certainly not used in your daily life.

Gypsy Dreamer Fall 2015 Collection For Love & Lemons
For Love & Lemons Fall 2015 Gypsy Dreamer collection-12

The name of the company “For love & lemons” evokes motifs and even a lot of positive emotions and of course a curiosity about the naming. In the childhood with the great love best friends stand ran a little business of lemonade and they grew up together – two things, the united the girl and led to the creation of the brand, which never cease to release stunning and exquisite staples. That is, what are the origins of the name of the company?

Similar feelings are caused when you hear 2015 drop collection name – for love & lemon “” Gypsies “Dreamer”. The collection was designed by Laura and Gillian, with great passion and energy that the way to some Gypsy gets twist into your life. They are adapted to classic outfit or an active lady who do casual without pieces, an Office girl, and then you are definitely in the wrong place. “Gypsy” dreamer will be greeted by these fashionistas that curious on the “Gypsy” culture and are anxious to look boho chic as well this fall.

The main thing which we see in this collection is very amazing , hand-cut, a battle of the colors and locating help, nude tulle grid detailing, floral lace, open back solutions and much more design techniques refined. The collection is a series of mini and Maxi dresses, you make essential flaring packed. The shtick Gypsy dreamers are the illusion that you are half-naked, because the signature is nude tulle, so often used by designers. Vienna Maxi dress on you to appear with velvet pattern or with red floral lace is covered, if you wear the Luau-Maxi dress. No matter what dress you choose, you will make these pieces just as sensual and bewitching. Each dress on a specific part of the body is naked; that’s for sure. The nude tulle dresses are made attractive bare your legs; some dresses are your back completely open; If the dress with a modest back design is, it comes with a deep neckline, fascinating Bared their breasts. Often you observe off-the-shoulder solutions, so typical of “Gypsy” girl.

The color palette of this collection is of course the result of”Gypsy”-inspired; with the most natural colors dominate in the designs. Well, have you tried on the off-the shoulder dresses, style your hair in messy waves and you a lot of have worn heavy jewelry, is time for you to dream it, passionate Gypsy songs to listen to.

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